31 July, Sunday — Folly of the self-centric life

18th Sunday in Ordinary Time Ecc 1:2,2:21-23Col 3:1-5,9-11Lk 12:13-21 So it is when a man stores up treasure for himself in place of making himself rich in the sight of God. An interjection by a man in the crowd wanting Jesus to arbitrate in a family dispute involving inheritance prompted the parable of the Rich... Continue Reading →

30 July, Saturday — Doing the Right Thing

Jul 30 – Memorial for St. Peter Chrysologus, Bishop & Doctor An adult convert, St. Peter (406-450) fought paganism and heresy, enforced reforms, and built several churches and ornate altars in his see. A preacher with outstanding language skills, he was given the name ‘Chrysologus’, referring to his ‘golden word’. 176 of his sermons have... Continue Reading →

29 July, Friday — Half-time with God

Jul 29 – Memorial for Sts. Martha, Mary and Lazarus St Martha Jesus liked to stay at the house of Martha, Mary and Lazarus, his friends at Bethany, when he was in Judaea. One of these visits has ever remained dear to Christian memory. On that occasion Martha, busily serving the Master, asked Him to... Continue Reading →

28 July, Thursday — Works in Progress

Thursday of Week 17 in Ordinary Time Jer 18:1-6Mt 13:47-53 “…he would start afresh and work it into another vessel, as potters do.” As a child, I always thought that I would grow up to be a teacher. It felt like a pleasing choice to my parents, and it usually elicited approving nods from my... Continue Reading →

24 July, Sunday — Warranty Guaranteed

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time Gen 18:20-32Col 2:12-14Lk 11:1-13 "What father among you would hand his son...a snake when he asks for a fish?" I love receiving gifts. It is a wonderful feeling when friends present us with thoughtful presents and experiences. While cash may well be the most versatile of things to receive, it... Continue Reading →

23 July, Saturday — Living Out Our Faith

Jul 23 – Memorial for St. Bridget of Sweden, Religious Coming from a noble yet religious background, St. Bridget (1302-1373) was friend and counsellor to many priests and theologians of her day. As chief lady-in-waiting to Queen Blanche of Namur, she counselled and guided the Queen and King Magnus II. She was harassed by others... Continue Reading →

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