Hi there, welcome to our humble space. May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

Whether you were referred here, or stumbled across OXYGEN, it is by no coincidence that you have arrived. Perhaps you were looking for some answers to a situation in your life and one of our reflections resonated with you in only the way the Holy Spirit would have inspired. Thank you for meeting with us here!

OXYGEN is a daily scripture devotional website. We are a grassroots and ground-up initiative which grew from a small group of Catholic students studying at the National University of Singapore back in 2000. OXYGEN’s first iteration was started on the Yahoogroups newsletter platform. (Yes, those were the days!)

Twenty years on, our writers come from all age groups and walks of life. They also hail from across the globe – Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Philippines, Australia, Malaysia, Nigeria and enduringly, Singapore where our core team is still based.

We desire to deepen our walk with God through meditating and contemplating on the Scriptures. Our various life experiences reveal the beautiful and manifold ways the Holy Spirit speaks to each of our lives through the Word of God.

Many in our team have grown together with OXYGEN over the past two decades – some have taken sabbaticals and returned, some have started families, changed careers, grieved and rejoiced, while some have discovered new pastures of ministry from their time with us. We are grateful for their sojourn with us. OXYGEN has indeed been integral in our faith journeys, and we hope you too will draw from this same breath of life in the Holy Spirit!

God bless and keep you,


P.S. If our reflections has benefitted you in some way, we hope you can support us by making a small donation via Paypal here. All the funds we have go towards paying for web hosting and related costs. Thank you!

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