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Dreamer, writer, a firm believer that God has a purpose out there for each of us, if we only still our hearts long enough to hear His call.


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- Mathematician wannabe - - Thankful to be with Oxygen since 2016 - - Catholic since birth - - A pilgrim in this spiritual journey... trying hard... making God as the center -


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An avid cyclist and cross country runner always looking for an adventure and experience church history. Seeks to learn from everyday experiences and people around me to co-create value in the mission of Agape Love.


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I have been with Oxygen since its early years of inception. This ministry has seen tremendous changes and has allowed me to grow spiritually in my life. I work as a school teacher and when not busy preparing lessons, I can be found scouring bookstores for the latest titles.


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My life has changed radically since my encounter with Jesus at CER in 2015. Each day is a new discovery of his love for me. I fell in love with writing since I discovered Keats and the Romantics. From writing for a living as a journalist, I now write for God in my daily scriptural reflections on Facebook and for Oxygen.

Desmond Soon

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Life explorer, marketeer and communicator. I encountered Christ at CER in May 2011 and am still on my journey towards Him. Been with Oxygen since Dec 2007 and am grateful for this life-giving ministry that continues to flourish and surprise...

Dylan Tan

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Perpetual pilgrim with a restless heart. An avid hiker, runner, intermittent fasting fanatic and Camino de Santiago addict trudging through the earthly journey with God’s succour.

Edith Koh

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I am...a follower of Christ seeking to increase understanding of my faith. A former educator undergoing the grind of pursuing a PhD. A veteran contributor of Oxygen. A church ministry addict. Trying and often failing to place God's will above my own.

Gerry Nah

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Story Teller, Negotiator, New Artist, Ambassador of Tabby's Doodles. On a journey with God. Letting the Lord lead isn't easy, but what a journey it has been! Been part of the Oxygen contributor's team since 2015 and also a member of a music ministry at the Catholic Spirituality Centre.

Gina U

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Lifelong Catholic falling more in love with Jesus every Day.... wife of 32 years & proud mama to a Jesus follow, Veronica....... love time with family (of course!) travelling, reading & writing faithful words of and about God's inexhaustible love of everyone of us .... and music, esp Jesus (& Neil Diamond) music... and tennis - Rafa!.. and movies, theater, concerts..... Most profound experience - pilgrimage to Israel. Grateful that.. "..if we only have the will to walk, then God is pleased with our stumbles." c.s.lewis. rom1:12

Gregory M

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I am adventuring through life with God as my guide.

Jacob Woo

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I am a husband, father, cancer survivor, and a disciple of Christ. None of these roles have been easy to play, but it is by the grace of God that I am allowed to be all these, both for myself and for others.


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A pilgrim seeking, exploring, at times fumbling and stumbling. Through my reflections I hope to be able to take you along in my journey of adventure with my Beloved. Perhaps, one day, I get to share in your spiritual journey...


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Administrator of OXYGEN site.

Sharon S

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Struggling housewife and seeker of God’s Word. Oxygen contributor since 2010.

Stephanie Anne

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I am someone who strives to be the best version of me God has created me to be while trying my best to be kind and loving to myself as God is kind and loving to me. I love cooking and plating my food. I have a YouTube Channel ( where I post videos on our Faith (and I am praying I could do this more diligently). My Patron Saint is St Therese of Lisieux, and I talk every now and then to my guardian angel.

Debbie L

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I have a love of writing, design, and working with my hands. I am ambidextrous and an ambivert, I love silence and contemplation as much as I love meeting and connecting deeply with others. I am learning its okay to fail at small talk, but still be able to make a few wisecracks, although I often walk away feeling like I've been a tad too silly. Having lived in and moved my family between Singapore to USA and Hong Kong, I am grateful to finally find firm ground again back in Singapore. My faith in God is truly my anchor in life and my longstanding contribution to Oxygen is the tether to my sanity and hope.

Paul Wee

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I am a sinner, a faith seeker, a pilgrim on the way to Heaven. Come join me as I walk on...


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Cradle Catholic, wanting to learn more about the faith as I journey in this life.

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