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Latest Posts

  • 8 June, Thursday — Tough Love
    Thursday of Week 9 in Ordinary Time Tob 6:10-11,7:1,9-14,8:4-9Mk 12:28-34 “Be kind enough to have pity on her and me and bring us to old age together.” Brothers and sisters, today, we look at what God’s Word says about the more difficult relationships in our lives. We’ve all got one or two of those, people… Continue Reading →
  • 7 June, Wednesday – Back to Basics
    Wednesday of Week 9 in Ordinary Time Tob 3:1-11;16-17Mk 12:18-27 Jesus said to them, “Is not the reason why you go wrong, that you understand neither the scriptures nor the power of God?“ I am one of those parents with a very Singaporean problem — coaching my child through primary school mathematics. If you know, you… Continue Reading →
  • 6 June, Tuesday – Rendering to God
    Tuesday of Week 9 in Ordinary Time Tob 2:9-14Mark 12: 13-17 “Give back to Caesar what belongs to Caesar — and to God what belongs to God.” I certainly have heard this verse a lot when I was a young adult, especially in the context of being able to differentiate things that are of ‘this… Continue Reading →

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