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Latest Posts

  • 30 November, Wednesday – Full Speed Ahead
    Nov 30 – Feast of St. Andrew, apostle St. Andrew was the first Apostle of Jesus Christ. He was a fisherman by trade, and the brother of Simon Peter. He was a follower of John the Baptist. Andrew went through life leading people to Jesus, both before and after the Crucifixion. He was a missionary… Continue Reading →
  • 29 November, Tuesday – The peace that is to come
    Tuesday of the 1st Week of Advent Is 11:1-10Lk 10:21-24 They do no hurt, no harm on all my holy mountain… Today’s readings paint a familiar and desired picture to us all, the wolf laying down with the lamb, the calf with the young lion. Holy Peace. How often in the world today do we hear of… Continue Reading →
  • 28 November, Monday — Worthy because He loves
    Monday of the 1st Week of Advent Isa 4:2-6Mt 8:5-11 Sir, I am not worthy… The words of the centurion that we repeat at every mass have always jolted me. Beautiful words that totally define the gift of Christ. I am not worthy, and I never can be worthy, yet Christ died for love of me. And all… Continue Reading →

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