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Latest Posts

  • 21 May, Saturday – Persecution and Detachment
    May 21 – Saint Christopher Magallanes and his Companions St. Cristóbal Magallanes Jara was born in the state of Jalisco in Mexico, in 1869. He was ordained priest at the age of 30, and became parish priest of his home town of Totatiche. He took a special interest in the evangelization of the local indigenous Huichol people… Continue Reading →
  • 20 May, Friday – Expressions of Love
    May 20 – Memorial for St. Bernadine of Siena, Priest St. Bernadine (1381-1444) was a Friar Minor, a priest, an itinerant preacher, and a theological writer. His preaching skills were so great and the conversions so numerous, that he has become associated with all areas of speaking, advertising, public relations, etc. Bernadine’s charismatic preaching filled the… Continue Reading →
  • 19 May, Thursday – Saved Through Grace
    Thursday of the 5th Week of Eastertide Acts 15:7-21Jn 15:9-11 I shall return and rebuild the fallen House of David; I shall rebuild it from its ruins and restore it Three years ago, on Easter Sunday, I wrote a reflection on a day of extreme joy at the resurrection of our Lord, that was dampened… Continue Reading →

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