26 November, Thursday — Injustice could attract vengeance; and what comes first are warnings

Thursday of Week 34 in Ordinary Time Apo 18:1-2,21-23;19:1-3,9Lk 21:20-28 “For this is the time of vengeance when all tthat scripture says must be fulfilled.” In many lessons in the Bible, we have seen that vengeance — God’s anger and punishments that befell the people as a result of sin, rebellion and transgressions — were… Continue Reading →

25 November, Wednesday — God chooses those to protect and when to do that, His action manifests His might

Nov 25 – Memorial for St. Catherine of Alexandria, virgin, martyr St. Catherine (d. 305) was a noble who was learned in science and oratory. After receiving a vision, she converted to Christianity. At the age of 18, during the persecution of Maximus, she offered to debate the pagan philosophers. Many were converted by her arguments,… Continue Reading →

24 November, Tuesday – Sorry We Are Out Of Seats

Nov 24 – Memorial for St. Andrew Dung-Lac, priest, martyr, and companions, Martyrs of Vietnam Between the arrival of the first Portuguese missionary in 1533, through the Dominicans and then the Jesuit missions of the 17th century, the politically inspired persecutions of the 19th century, and the Communist-led terrors of the 20th, there have been… Continue Reading →

23 November, Monday — End of Life Directive

Nov 23 – Memorial for St. Clement I, pope, martyr; Memorial for St. Columban, abbot St. Clement (d. 101) was the fourth pope, and an apostolic Father. The Basilica of St. Clement in Rome is one of the earliest parish churches in the city, and is probably built on the site of Clement’s home. He is… Continue Reading →

22 November, Sunday – Christ Our King

Nov 22 – Solemnity of Christ The King (falls on 34th Sunday in Ordinary Time) Christ The King is a title of Jesus based on several passages of scripture and used by all Christians. The name is found in various forms in scripture: King Eternal (1 Timothy 1:17), King of Israel (John 1:49), King of… Continue Reading →

21 November, Saturday — Our Lady, Our Mother

Nov 21 – Memorial for the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Today, we commemorate the presentation of the Blessed Virgin as a child in the Temple where, according to tradition, she was educated. The feast originated in the Orient probably about the seventh century, and is found in the constitution of Manuel Comnenus (1166)… Continue Reading →

20 November, Friday — Temple of God

Friday of Week 33 in Ordinary Time Apo 10:8-11Lk 19:45-48 “According to scripture,…my house will be a house of prayer. But you have turned it into a robbers’ den.” This is one of the rare times that Jesus became angry and visibly displayed his anger. Even then, He did not direct His anger at any… Continue Reading →

19 November, Thursday — Missed Opportunity

Thursday of Week 33 in Ordinary Time Apo 5:1-10Lk 19:41-44 “If you in your turn had only understood on this day the message of peace…you did not recognize your opportunity when God offered it.” Do you think you are stubborn or obstinate? I know I am. Sometimes extremely so, especially when I think I am… Continue Reading →

17 November, Tuesday — Housewarming party

Nov 17 – Memorial for St. Elizabeth of Hungary, married woman, religious St. Elizabeth (1207-1231) was a princess, the daughter of King Andrew of Hungary, and the great-aunt of St. Elizabeth of Portugal. At the age of 13, she married Prince Louis of Thuringia. She built a hospital at the foot of the mountain on which… Continue Reading →

16 November, Monday — The Coming of the King

Nov 16 – Memorial for St. Margaret of Scotland; Memorial for St. Gertrude, virgin St. Margaret (1045–1093) was the granddaughter of King Edmund Ironside of England, and the great-niece of St. Stephen of Hungary. She was born in Hungary, while her family was in exile due to the Danish invasion of England. Even so, she still spent… Continue Reading →


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