17 October, Sunday — Jesus’ humanity

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time Isa 53:10-11Heb 4:14-16Mk 10:35-45 For it is not as if we had a high priest who was incapable of feeling our weaknesses with us; but we have one who has been tempted in every way thatwe are, though he is without sin.  When I first read this passage, I found… Continue Reading →

16 October, Saturday — Faith and Science

Oct 16 – Memorial for St. Hedwig, Religious; Memorial for St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, Virgin St. Hedwig (1174–1243) was the daughter of the Duke of Croatia, and aunt of St. Elizabeth of Hungary. She married Prince Henry I of Silesia and Poland in 1186 at the age of 12, and became the mother of seven. She… Continue Reading →

13 October, Wednesday — Egos and Fears

Wednesday of Week 28 in Ordinary Time Rm 2:1-11Lk 11:42-46 ‘Master,’ he said ‘when you speak like this you insult us too.’ There are many reasons why we hesitate to acknowledge our shortcomings or mistakes. Some are afraid of the unfavorable repercussions such as losing friends, losing jobs, losing credentials, or losing face. When I… Continue Reading →

12 October, Tuesday – Wisdom

Tuesday of Week 28 in Ordinary Time Rm 1:16-25Lk 11:37-41 The more they called themselves philosophers, the more stupid they grew… I’d like to touch on a very real trait that is well-known in Singapore society — ‘kiasu-ism’. The Hokkien term ‘kiasu’ denotes someone who is afraid to lose and would literally do anything to… Continue Reading →

10 October, Sunday – The Look of Love

28th Sunday in Ordinary Time Wis 7:7-11Heb 4:12-13Mk 10:17-30 Jesus looked steadily at him and loved him The young man of the gospel today is often a sharp reminder for me of my state in life, wherever Imay be. As I reflected on the scriptures today, I contemplated the image of Jesus and me,encapsulated in… Continue Reading →

7 October, Thursday — Ask, Seek, Knock

Oct 7 – Memorial for Our Lady of the Rosary This day was originally observed as the Feast of Our Lady of Victory. Its date was chosen to commemorate the European victory at the third naval Battle of Lepanto in 1571. This battle marked the high point of Turkish (Muslim) advance on European soil with… Continue Reading →

6 October, Wednesday — Schadenfreude

Oct 6 – Memorial for St. Bruno, Priest St. Bruno (1030–1101) was educated in Paris and Rheims, France. He was ordained in 1055. He taught theology, and one of his students later became Blessed Pope Urban II. He presided over the cathedral school at Rheims from 1057 to 1075. He criticised the worldliness he saw in… Continue Reading →


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