9 October, Saturday – A Roof Over Our Heads In Tough Times

Oct 9 – Memorial for Sts. Denis, Bishop, and Companions, Martyrs; Memorial for St. John Leonardi, Priest St. Denis (d. 258) was a missionary to Paris, and its first bishop. His success roused the ire of local pagans, and he was imprisoned by the Roman governor. He was martyred in the persecutions of Valerius with Sts.... Continue Reading →

19 September, Sunday — Being last

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time Wis 2:12,17-20Jas 3:16-4:3Mk 9:30-37 “If anyone wants to be first, he must make himself last of all and servant of all.” History is full of examples of those who have ‘led from the back’, of leaders who have supported their charges and led selflessly, caring about those in their charge... Continue Reading →

25 August, Wednesday – Slaves to love

Aug 25 – Memorial for St. Louis of France, married man; Memorial for St. Joseph Calasanz, priest, religious founder As king of France, Louis (1214-1270) made numerous judicial and legislative reforms. He promoted Christianity in France; established religious foundations, aided mendicant orders, propagated synodal decrees of the Church, built leper hospitals, and collected relics. “In... Continue Reading →

7 August, Saturday – Faith Opens Doors

Aug 7 – Memorial for St. Sixtus, pope, martyr, and companions; St. Cajetan, priest Sixtus (d. 258) was an adult convert to Christianity. In his papacy, he dealt with the controversy concerning Baptism by heretics. He believed that anyone who was baptised with a desire to be a Christian, even if the Baptism was performed... Continue Reading →

27 July, Tuesday — Shhhhhhhhh!

Tuesday of Week 17 in Ordinary Time Exo 3:7-11;34:5-9,38Mt 13:36-43 “Listen, anyone who has ears!” I marvel at how some people have the amazing ability to ‘tune out’ and only listen/accept what they want to hear when receiving advice or counsel. It is almost as if they are self-censoring ideas and thoughts through their own... Continue Reading →

25 July, Sunday — “Feed me”

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2 Kgs 4:42-44Eph 4:1-6Jn 6:1-15 Bear with one another charitably… I have always found the miracle of the feeding of the 5,000 extremely rich in its teaching. What strikes me most is how it was a little boy from whom Jesus took the loaves in order to feed the multitudes.... Continue Reading →

14 July, Wednesday — Child-like curiosity

Jul 14 – Memorial for St. Camillus de Lellis, Priest St. Camillus (1550-1614) used to be a gambling addict. He lost so much he had to take a job working construction on a building belonging to the Capuchins; they converted him. Because of a persistent injury, he moved into San Giacomo Hospital for the incurable,... Continue Reading →

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