15 October, Thursday — “His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life.”

Oct 15 – Memorial for St. Teresa of Jesus, Virgin and Doctor Also known as Teresa of Avila, Teresa of Jesus (1515–1582) was born to the Spanish nobility, the daughter of Don Alonso Sanchez de Cepeda and Dona Beatriz. She grew up reading the lives of the saints, and playing at ‘hermit’ in the garden. Crippled by... Continue Reading →

15 September, Tuesday –Motherhood

Sep 15 – Memorial for Our Lady of SorrowsDifferent sorrows of Mary have been honoured in the Church’s history, but since the 14th century, these seven have come to be regarded as the seven ‘dolors’ (sorrows) of the Blessed Virgin Mary: 1. The Prophecy of Simeon2. The Flight into Egypt3. The Loss of the Child Jesus... Continue Reading →

12 August, Wednesday — Care or Cure?

Aug 12 – Memorial for St. Jane Frances de Chantal St. Jane married Baron de Chantal. She restored order in the household, which was on the brink of ruin, and brought back prosperity. During her husband’s absence at the court, or with the army, when reproached for her extremely sober manner of dressing, her reply was:... Continue Reading →

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