28 August, Friday — Wayward Hearts on Fire

Aug 28 – Memorial for St. Augustine, bishop, doctor After investigating and experimenting with several philosophies, Augustine (354-430) became a Manichaean for several years; it taught of a great struggle between good and evil, and featured a lax moral code. A summation of his thinking at the time comes from his Confessions: “God, give me chastity and... Continue Reading →

20 June, Saturday — Lost but Found

Saturday of Week 11 in Ordinary Time 2 Chr 24:17-25Lk 2:41-51 “And all who heard him were astounded” The gospel readings today depict what is essentially a nightmare scenario for any parent -- a missing child. Certainly, all parents will know that sinking feeling that they get when they turn around and realise that their child is missing. And... Continue Reading →

19 June, Friday — Hearts Burdened with Sin but Bursting with Love

Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus The devotion to the Sacred Heart (also known as the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Sacratissimum Cor Iesu in Latin) is one of the most widely practiced and well-known Roman Catholic devotions, taking Jesus Christ′s physical heart as the representation of his divine love for humanity. This devotion is predominantly used in the Roman Catholic Church and... Continue Reading →

19 April, Sunday – ‘Blind’ Faith

19 Apr – Divine Mercy Sunday The Congregation for Divine Worship decreed in 2003 that “throughout the world, the Second Sunday of Easter will receive the name Divine Mercy Sunday, a perennial invitation to the Christian world to face, wit confidence in divine benevolence, the difference and trials that humankind will experience in the years... Continue Reading →

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