3 October, Monday — A Good Deed

Monday of Week 27 in Ordinary Time Gal 1:6-12Lk 10:25-37 "...do this and life is yours." It was raining rather heavily one Sunday morning and I had my trusty umbrella sheltering me from the car to the church. A lady was also sheltering her elderly father with an umbrella. Then a car pulled up closer... Continue Reading →

20 September, Tuesday — Faith in action

Sep 20 – Memorial for St. Andrew Kim Taegon and Companions, Korean Martyrs; Memorial for Sts. Laurent Imbert, Bishop Jacques Chastan, Priest (martyrs of College General, Penang, Malaysia) There are 103 martyrs in this group, consisting of priests, missionaries and lay people who died in the early days of the Church in Korea. Most were... Continue Reading →

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