7 June, Tuesday — Christ, be our light

Tuesday of Week 10 in Ordinary Time 1 Kgs 17:7-16Mt 5:13-16 “No one lights a lamp to put it under a tub; they put it on the lamp-stand where it shines for everyone in the house.”  In the Gospel of St John, it says: 'And the Son of Man must be lifted up as Moses... Continue Reading →

6 June, Monday — Mary, Our Mother

Jun 6 -- Mary, Mother of the Church In Roman Catholic Mariology, Mother of the Church (Latin: Mater Ecclesiae) is a title officially given to Mary by Pope Paul VI. The title first appeared in the 4th century writings of Saint Ambrose of Milan, as rediscovered by Hugo Rahner. It was also used by Pope Benedict XIV in 1748 and then by Pope Leo XIII in 1885. Pope... Continue Reading →

21 April, Thursday — Our Real Worth

Easter Thursday Acts 3:11-26Ps 8:2,5-9Lk 24:35-48 What is man that you should keep him in mind, mortal man that you care for him? One of the human activities that always fascinates me is an auction. This is where the value of things becomes drastically different from the market value based on a number of criteria.... Continue Reading →

25 February, Friday — Yes/No

Friday of Week 7 in Ordinary Time Jas 5:9-12Mk 10:1-12 If you mean ‘yes’, you must say ‘yes’; if you mean ‘no’, say ‘no’. Our world is so dependent on ‘yes’ and ‘no’. The fundamentals of computer language are based on a yes/no logic. With a combination of yes and no, we have achieved so... Continue Reading →

21 December, Tuesday — Let Our Lord Look at Us

Dec 21 – Memorial for St. Peter Canisius, priest, doctor of the Church St. Peter Canisius (1521–1597) was the son of Jacob Canisius, a wealthy burgomeister, and Ægidia van Houweningen, who died shortly after Peter’s birth. He was educated in Cologne, Germany, where he studied art, civil law, and theology. He received a master’s degree by... Continue Reading →

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