26 February, Sunday — A Greater Gift

1st Sunday of Lent Gen 2:7-9,3:1-7Rm 5:12-19Mt 4:1-11 …but the gift itself considerably outweighed the fall. One activity during training or teambuilding makes use of a white sheet of paper and the facilitator asking people to draw one dot. Immediately, everyone’s attention is on that one dot and it seems as if they have forgotten,... Continue Reading →

24 November, Thursday — Remember to Sing

Nov 24 – Memorial for St. Andrew Dung-Lac, priest, martyr, and companions, Martyrs of Vietnam Between the arrival of the first Portuguese missionary in 1533, through the Dominicans and then the Jesuit missions of the 17th century, the politically inspired persecutions of the 19th century, and the Communist-led terrors of the 20th, there have been... Continue Reading →

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