13 January, Wednesday – Fear Not

Jan 13 -- Memorial for St. Hilary, bishop and doctor of the Church St. Hilary of Poitiers (315-368) was known as Athanasius of the West. He was born to wealthy polytheistic, pagan nobility. His early life was uneventful as he married, had children (one of whom was St. Abra), and studied on his own. Through his... Continue Reading →

12 January, Tuesday – Slow Faith

Tuesday of Week 1 in Ordinary Time Heb 2:5-12Mk 1:21-28 “I know who You are: the Holy One of God!” I have seen many videos and posts on social media, where the creators try hard to get as many people as possible to ‘like’ their posts. Once successful, these creators do get famous, often getting... Continue Reading →

3 January, Sunday — Plugging In

The Epiphany of the Lord Isa 60:1-6 Eph 3:2-3, 5-6 Mt 2:1-12 “... but upon you the Lord shines...” We are in Phase 3, and now able to have meals outside with more of our friends and family. Things are looking up! This is markedly different, at least for me, from my situation in the... Continue Reading →

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