1 December, Thursday — Trust in the Lord

Thursday of the 1st Week of Advent Isa 26:1-6Mt 7:21,24-27 "...and what a fall it had!" I once played with my friends the game called Jenga. Removing the blocks one by one and watching the edifice topple due to the lack of support often brought peals of laughter. The loser of the game is the... Continue Reading →

27 November, Sunday — Get Ready

1st Sunday of Advent Isa 2:1-5Rom 13:11-14Mt 24:37-44 "The Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect." AWAKE and PREPARE – it is ADVENT!!!  The most hopeful and anticipatory of all seasons. Even those who don’t recognize Christ join in celebration of this season that points to hope, love, joy.  Advent is... Continue Reading →

21 December, Tuesday — Let Our Lord Look at Us

Dec 21 – Memorial for St. Peter Canisius, priest, doctor of the Church St. Peter Canisius (1521–1597) was the son of Jacob Canisius, a wealthy burgomeister, and Ægidia van Houweningen, who died shortly after Peter’s birth. He was educated in Cologne, Germany, where he studied art, civil law, and theology. He received a master’s degree by... Continue Reading →

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