31 December, Saturday — Working Towards Something

Dec 31 – Memorial for St. Sylvester I, pope St. Sylvester (d. 335) was pope in the reign of Emperor Constantine I, who built the Lateran and other churches. He sent legates to the First Council of Nicaea, and was involved in the controversy over Arianism. The spurious Donation of Constantine was supposedly given to... Continue Reading →

25 December, Sunday — We are free!

Christmas Day -- Mass during the day Isa 52:7-10Heb 1:1-6Jn 1:1-18 How beautiful…are the feet of the one who brings good news… Good Blessed Christmas to everyone! What can be better than being home for Christmas, opening presents, eating food and singing Christmas carols? But is this all there is to Christmas? The party and... Continue Reading →

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