29 January, Saturday — Who’s da man?

Saturday of Week 3 in Ordinary Time 2 Sam 12:1-7,10-17Mk 4:35-41 “You are the man...” I call today’s gospel Jesus’ “Do you know who I am?” moment. Some of us have been there before -- either as the young upstart or ‘newbie’ to a club/organisation/ministry putting our foot in our mouth, or as the seasoned... Continue Reading →

18 January, Tuesday — Sabbath

Tuesday of Week 2 in Ordinary Time 1 Sam 16:1-13Mk 2:23-28 “The sabbath was made for man, not man for the sabbath” For the Jewish nation, sabbath starts Friday evening until Saturday evening. This was instilled from the time of Moses. For Christians, sabbath is observed on Sunday, the day our Lord resurrected.   Today’s... Continue Reading →

11 January, Tuesday — On Duality

Tuesday of Week 1 in Ordinary Time 1 Sam 1:9-20Mk 1:21-28 ...the unclean spirit threw the man into convulsions and with a loud cry went out of him. The anniversary of my father’s death happened on 3 Jan. The shadow of his passing has coloured all my Christmases since. I often wonder what he would... Continue Reading →

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