2 June, Friday — Have Faith in God

Jun 2 – Memorial for Sts Marcellinus & Peter Saints Marcellinus and Peter (sometimes called Petrus Exorcista - Peter the Exorcist; Italian: Marcellino e Pietro) are venerated within the Catholic Church as martyrs who were beheaded. Hagiographies place them in 4th century Rome. They are generally represented as men in middle age, with tonsures and palms of martyrdom; sometimes they hold a crown each. - Wikipedia Ecc 44:1,9-13Mk... Continue Reading →

18 May, Thursday — The Enormity of Faith

18 May -- Ascension of the Lord Acts 1:1-11Eph 1:17-23Mt 28:16-20 “It is not for you to know the times or seasons that the Father has established by His own authority…” I have an irrational aversion towards uncertainty; nobody likes it, but I avoid it like the plague. It is an occupational hazard from the... Continue Reading →

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