9 May, Tuesday — Finding our inner peace

Tuesday of the 5th Week of Easter Acts 14:19-28Jn 14:27-31 "Do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid." I commute to work via train on a daily basis for 45 minutes. Over the years, I have noticed that the level of ambient noise is growing over time. The noise emitting from the handphones is... Continue Reading →

6 April, Thursday — Maundy Thursday

Chrism Mass Priests, prophets and kings Is 61:1-3,6,8-9Rev 1:5-8Lk 4:16-21 “The spirit of the Lord has been given to me”  I’ve been to Chrism Mass only once. If you have not, I’d strongly encourage you to try to take time off to attend this annual mass ‘event’. You’ll see why this mass is truly special.... Continue Reading →

5 April, Wednesday — The Humility of Jesus

Wednesday of Holy Week Isa 50:4-9Mt 26:14-25 They paid him thirty silver pieces… When asked how they would introduce Jesus, one of my Catechism students said that Jesus was ‘humble’. That started the discussion that Jesus is the perfect Adam. The first Adam committed the original sin out of pride, because he wanted to be... Continue Reading →

3 January, Tuesday — Being Intentional

Tuesday before Epiphany Sunday 1 Jn 2:29-3:6Jn 1:29-34 A man is coming after me who ranks before me... Sometimes we’re recognized as the best, top ranked, and sometimes we’re not. Chances are we’ve all reported to a person who was unqualified for the job they held. We may have even complained to friends and family, and even... Continue Reading →

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