10 December, Friday — The devil always collects what is due to him

Friday of the 2nd Week of Advent Is 48:17-19Mt 11:16-19 “Yet wisdom has been proved right by her actions.” At the cusp of the Second World War in late 1930s, the world was in a very dark place. In Germany, Fascism and the cult of personality worship of one individual called Hitler, was gaining momentum and rearing its... Continue Reading →

27 May, Wednesday — Truth of the matter

May 27 – Memorial for St. Augustine of Canterbury, Bishop Augustine (d. 605) was a monk and abbot of St. Andrew’s abbey in Rome. He was sent by Pope Gregory the Great with 40 brother monks, including St. Lawrence of Canterbury to evangelize the British Isles in 597. Before he reached the islands, terrifying tales... Continue Reading →

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