31 March, Friday — Waiting for Godot

Friday of the 5th Week of Lent Jer 20:10-13Jn 10:31-42 …let me witness the vengeance you take on them, for I have committed my cause to you. When I was in my twenties, I broke off an engagement to someone I loved because of enmity with his family. It marked a turning point in my... Continue Reading →

30 March, Thursday — On Dissonance

Thursday of the 5th Week of Lent Gen 17:3-9Jn 8:51-59 “Now we know for certain that you are possessed.” I have a dog called Tommy. He will be 10 this year. Tommy is a Labradoodle, a breed that has an incredible capacity for word recognition. His ability to understand what I am saying to him... Continue Reading →

26 March, Sunday — On Lent

5th Sunday of Lent Eze 37:12-14Rm 8:8-11Jn 11:1-45 “..when I open your graves and raise you from your graves… And I shall put my spirit in you, and you will live, and I shall resettle you on your own soil...” Every Lent, I try to fast from anger. In my head, I see myself wandering... Continue Reading →

8 January, Sunday — Seeing

Jan 8 -- Epiphany of the Lord Epiphany, also known as Theophany in Eastern Christian traditions, is a Christian feast day that celebrates the revelation of God incarnate as Jesus Christ. In Western Christianity, the feast commemorates principally (but not solely) the visit of the Magi to the Christ Child, and thus Jesus Christ's physical manifestation to the Gentiles. It is sometimes called Three Kings' Day, and in some traditions celebrated... Continue Reading →

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