11 January, Tuesday — On Duality

Tuesday of Week 1 in Ordinary Time 1 Sam 1:9-20Mk 1:21-28 ...the unclean spirit threw the man into convulsions and with a loud cry went out of him. The anniversary of my father’s death happened on 3 Jan. The shadow of his passing has coloured all my Christmases since. I often wonder what he would... Continue Reading →

6 October, Wednesday — Schadenfreude

Oct 6 – Memorial for St. Bruno, Priest St. Bruno (1030–1101) was educated in Paris and Rheims, France. He was ordained in 1055. He taught theology, and one of his students later became Blessed Pope Urban II. He presided over the cathedral school at Rheims from 1057 to 1075. He criticised the worldliness he saw in... Continue Reading →

5 July, Monday — On Action

Jul 5 – Memorial for St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria, Priest St. Anthony (1502-1539) studied medicine at Padua, receiving his doctorate at age 22. Working among the poor in Cremona, he felt called to the religious life. He was ordained at age 26; legend says that angels were seen around the altar at his first Mass.... Continue Reading →

4 July, Sunday — 4th of July

14th Sunday in Ordinary Time Eze 2:2-52 Cor 12:7-10Mk 6:1-6 I was given a thorn in the flesh…. to beat me and stop me from getting too proud. Just before Thanksgiving last year, I received word from the United States government that my application for citizenship had finally been approved. It was a surreal feeling,... Continue Reading →

17 April, Saturday — On Doubt And Fear

Acts 6:1-7Jn 6:16-21 It is I. Do not be afraid. There’s an old trope, ‘The devil’s in the details’, that I’ve been ruminating over a lot this last week. Working out the fine print for any life decision is always daunting -- sometimes enough to put you off even pursuing it. Everyone wants the dream.... Continue Reading →

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