28 May, Thursday — United in love

Thursday of 7th Week of Eastertide

Acts 22: 30; 23:6-11
John 17:20-26

May they all be one

I once found myself engaging in a polite conversation with two Mormons, who approached me whilst I was in the train. It was easy to recognise them from their signature attire, but what made that conversation memorable was the sincerity in which they were trying to convince me of their faith. As I was walking away from the two of them, the chosen verse for today came into my mind. Jesus could perhaps see the potential division which the Church would undergo in the future and that could be why he prayed this verse.

Division can be a force of good and bad. In the first reading, St Paul used the various divisions within the Sanhedrin to advance his cause. St Paul knew this theology and also knew the differences in theology within the religious council. He capitalised on this division to prevent himself from being convicted and in the process, reinforced the discord which could have been prevalent in the Sanhedrin. His actions could have been seen as divisive but out of those actions, it led him to Rome to preach the Word of God.

We live in a present world where there are many divisions of thoughts, beliefs and ways of life. As Catholics, it is very difficult to convince others to believe in what the Catholic Church states as articles of faith. Yet, we can draw strength from the unity of love between God the Father and Jesus Christ, to identify areas in the world where we can spread the Word of God to the people around us. There are many instances and people whom we can take the moment to radiate the love of God towards them. Be it to the person delivering our food, the call centre representative and the public transport service provider, a kind word and perhaps asking how the other party is, could very well make the day of the individual.

Jesus invites each one of us to meditate on the deep union of love which He has with God the Father. The fruit of that meditation would be the actions which we demonstrate to the people whom we share the space of the world in.

(Today’s Oxygen by Nicholas Chia)

Prayer: Heavenly Father, let us be your witness to the rest of the world.

Thanksgiving: We give thanks for the people who continue to make life a little more humane each day.

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