15 June, Monday — Walk another mile…

Monday of Week 11 in Ordinary Time

1 Kgs 21:1-16  
Mt 5:38-42 

….offer no resistance.

Offering resistance. That can be an easy thing to do. I resist the knowledge to eat healthy when something sweet and gooey is before my eyes. I resist rising early when I stay up too late. I resist helping another when it is going to inconvenience my plans. I resist taking the time and energy to do my best when I just don’t feel that ‘into’ it and good enough will be adequate anyway. I resist the murmurings of the spirit when my flesh is tired, or full, or hungry, or annoyed or ambivalent or I have something more fun or relaxing to do….

I resist based on my physical, emotional and spiritual state of mind.  

Offering NO resistance. That can be a difficult thing to do. Especially when I just don’t feel like doing whatever. Especially when physical harm is being inflicted. Especially when words are hurtful. Especially when words are harmful. Especially when words are half-truths. Especially when words are lies.

How did Jesus resist telling his disciples at the Last Supper what Judas was about to do?

How did Jesus resist resisting arrest in the Garden?

How did Jesus resist explaining away the false charges against him before the Council?

How did Jesus resist protecting his physical body before the Roman soldiers?

How did Jesus resist anything and everything other than fully loving each of us all the time?

How is what Jesus purposefully did for us humanly possible?  

That is a mystery our faith knows, even when we don’t fully understand.  

Where are we resisting today when we hear His voice? When the Holy Spirit is stirring us into purposeful action? When we see a need we could fill? When we see a heart breaking, or a life broken? What calling on our heart, or perhaps our whole life, are we resisting because it might get messy? Because we feel inadequate? Because we might not be understood? Because we might be laughed at? Because we might be mocked or even left behind? Because we are scared? Because we have resisted for so long we aren’t even sure we heard the calling or felt the nudge or believe in the signs?

Scripture tells us, “to whom much has been given, much is expected.”  (Lk 12:48)  

As followers of Jesus, we are not just encouraged, we are CALLED to walk two miles, turn the other cheek, give our coat, to not refuse. To do what He did. What has He done in your life that needs to be shared? What has He done in your life that you actually can do for another? Who is He asking you to minister to…without any fanfare? Who is your closest neighbor that needs the compassion of Christ through your hands…through your words? Who in your own family simply needs to be seen and listened to, even if you can’t understand, or disagree?

His broken-hearted family, our family, is all around. If you’re reading this, then you are like me and we are called to be Him for those around us. Whether they are believers and know Him as Lord or not is not the issue — the Roman soldiers didn’t know Jesus as Lord; the Pharisees didn’t know Jesus as Lord; the Sadducees didn’t know Jesus as Lord; it seems even the Apostles didn’t really fully know Jesus as Lord. Jesus resisted the desire to resist and stay in a nice, safe environment; instead he chose to give all.  

Next time, let’s stay awake another hour, or turn the other cheek or give our coat too. Next time, let’s actually BE a disciple of Jesus and walk a another mile. 

(Today’s Oxygen by Gina Ulicny)

Prayer:  Father God, we beg you to give us the courage to walk another mile, to give our coat, to refuse no man. We beg you to correct our wrong steps and fill us with your love for all.

Thanksgiving: Thank you Lord, for your grace and mercy in forgiving us of our sins. Thank you Lord, for your example.


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