27 June, Saturday — Freely Receive, Freely Give

Jun 27 – Memorial for St. Cyril of Alexandria, bishop and Doctor of the Church

Cyril (376–444) was the nephew of Theophilus the Patriarch. He was a monk and a priest who became Bishop of Alexandria, Egypt in 412, and later the Patriarch of Alexandria. He suppressed the Novatians. He worked at the Council of Ephesus. He fought against Nestorius, who taught the heresy that there were two persons in Christ.

He was a catechetical writer, and wrote a book opposing Julian the Apostate. He is a Greek Father of the Church, and is a Doctor of the Church.

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Lam 2:2, 10-14, 18-19
Mt 8:5-17

… she got up and began to wait on him

What struck me in today’s gospel is the response of Peter’s mother-in-law after she was healed. She was obviously quite unwell and was lying in bed when Jesus entered the house. This seemingly minor detail of her getting up to wait on him after the fever left her carries much significance.

She received healing from Jesus and responded with service, perhaps even testifying to others the goodness of God, which is why that evening, many came to be healed by Jesus. Whatever we have received freely from God, is to be given freely to glorify Him, so that others may also hear the Good News and be saved.

Someone once advised that if we have been blessed in any way by God, we must testify so that the blessings can be shared with others. In 2019, when God blessed both my husband and I with jobs back in the corporate world (after he had been running his business for 5 years and me for 2), we took the advice of a sister in Christ and testified to His goodness. In this COVID-19 situation where employment opportunities are hard to come by, and many are at risk of losing their jobs, we wake up every day feeling immensely grateful and in awe of His goodness! Today’s gospel affirms the wise advice that we received.

The more we shared about His goodness, the more we deepened our reliance on His providence; and the responses we received from others further encourages us to keep on giving and testifying. Others began to share with us about their personal encounters with the Lord and nourished us with their testimonies. We experienced once again the power of the community, each one of us lighting up the fire within us, shining bright for the glory of His kingdom.

(Today’s Oxygen by Lorraine Wong)

Prayer: Amazing Father, we pray that this fire you have ignited within us continues to burn brightly as we serve you and do your will. May we bless others freely with the blessings you have freely given us.

Thanksgiving: Thank you Lord, thank you for your providence; for your generosity; for the multitude of blessings you have bestowed upon us.  


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