15 November, Sunday — Seeking Perfection

32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time 

Pro 31:10-13,19-20,30-31 
1 Ths 5:1-6  
Mt 25:14-30 

You are all sons of light and sons of the day… stay wide awake and sober.

St Paul reminds us of the swift coming of the Lord, like a ‘ninja’ and like labour pains that come suddenly, so will His return, and we are reminded to be always ready.

In today’s gospel, the emphasis should be on the master’s happiness in the servant who invests his talents wisely. Having recently started a business, I learnt about how important it is to provide adequate returns to an investment, or risk losing the confidence of investors. Just as we have witnessed the collapse of a 160-year-old department store in Singapore, the fear of suppliers on outstanding payments is warranted, with many forced to accept a bad debt.

Up until 1869 in the UK, bankrupts were imprisoned until they could repay their debts. However, the servant who hid his talent to avoid punishment was still punished for being lazy and hiding his gift. Being created in the image and likeness of God, shouldn’t I be more responsible with the gifts bestowed to me?

Brothers and sisters, we are reminded to use our talents wisely to glorify God.

(Today’s OXYGEN by Christian Eber) 

Prayer: Lord, help me to stay awake and strive for perfection in my work, using the little talent I have been given.

Thanksgiving: May I pray constantly to become perfect because this is what You expect of us and will not let us fail after calling us. Thank you for loving us and providing for us, no matter the cost.  


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