23 January, Saturday — Celebrating Our Faith

Jan 23 — Saturday of Week 2 in Ordinary Time

Heb 9:2-3,11-14
Mk 3:20-21

“God goes up with shouts of joy; the Lord goes up with trumpet blast.”

Still very much in the beginning of the new year, God is inviting us to reflect on what He has done for us and what He is still doing in our lives at this very moment. Many of us have, or are still going through, struggles in these unprecedented times; and it is highly likely that faith has taken a back seat, as it seems that there are far more urgent issues to worry about.

This week’s readings remind us of how it is especially in these times that we are to rely on God even more. To not be overwhelmed by the helplessness but to celebrate our faith, for we should believe that God will make a way, when there seems to be no way.

As with all the stories in the bible, when there seems to be a helpless and hopeless situation, that’s exactly when God turns up to transform that situation into a desirable and favourable one.

I came across this video and would like to share it with you. I hope this video blesses you today.

(Today’s OXYGEN by Benjamin Mao)

Prayer: Our Father, who art in heaven …

Thanksgiving: Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit …


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