23 March, Tuesday — Lifting You Up

Tuesday of the 5th Week of Lent

Num 21:4-9

“O Lord, listen to my prayer and let my cry for help reach you.”

In this season, it seems so hard to even lift ourselves up. For many of us dealing with increasing family issues, politics, financial issues, work and just the future in general, it already seems so helpless. I am confronted with similar issues, for now I have a home and a wife to look after. I feel that I can barely even lift myself up. Sometimes, I guess I too, need the encouragement and support, the love that my spouse yearns for is one that maybe I yearn for as well. I guess if everyone is stressed and weary, who would be in such a position to show care, concern and love?

With everyone seemingly ‘needing’, who then is in the better position to provide?

The readings today tell us who to turn our eyes to. For there is a Man, who though himself wished that He needn’t go through all the suffering and pain, still loves, forgives, sacrifices, listens and is present to you and your needs — unconditionally.

Brothers and sisters, I am prompted to pray more today, so let’s do so. Please find the prayer below and let us pray for each other too.

(Today’s OXYGEN by Benjamin Mao)

Prayer: Dear Lord, I’m just so tired, so weary, low in motivation, purpose and even prayer. I know you are always there, your plan is one of goodness and love. I want to trust fully in you, but there’s just so much noise, expectations, stresses and worries placed upon me and it’s taking a toll. I’m weak Lord. Your readings remind me today to once again turn my eyes to you, but somehow, I also wish that the people around me can turn their eyes to you. It seems like I’m the only one who has to take on all the pain and suffering; that even as I love, I am misunderstood and persecuted for my actions. I don’t seem to have my autonomy anymore and I’m holding on tightly to what’s left of my identity, for I don’t want to succumb to the ways of the world. But when I don’t, I’m more inclined to be subjected to abuse, being looked down upon, called ‘useless’. Sometimes, I just feel like leading a quiet life by myself away from everything else so I can be with you, Lord. (sigh) So much burdens and my cross is heavy. Lord, give me strength to carry my cross, give me strength to carry on. I know this is never the end you desire for me.

(to be continued below)

Thanksgiving: Lord, thank you, for it is in these experiences that I can catch a glimpse and possibly have a little sense of what you went through towards Calvary. You didn’t come to earth just to die for our sins alone, but you came to show us the way. That even when you know you had to pay the price and go through everything that you didn’t deserve, you did so because you love and you wanted to bring this hope to all of us. That more than running away to spend time with you, you desire for us to be in community, to love our enemies, to be patient especially with those who get on our nerves and who never learn, or who are prideful. You don’t want us to carry our crosses, you want us to lift them up, to lift them high. To see beyond the cross of suffering, pain and shame, but that our cross is a cross of hope and salvation. Let us lift them high up with everything we have, for it’s not just for ourselves, but in order that everyone who sees the cross will be healed, will come to know you and receive your love. Thank you Lord, for this time of prayer and reflection. Send us your spirit in that thy will be done and thy kingdom come here on earth, as it is in heaven. Amen.


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  1. Benjamin – what a personal and powerful reflection and prayer. Thank you so much for articulating how I have felt many times in the past, just wanting to ‘go away and leave everyone and just be with God’ — because life IS hard and sometimes our hearts feel like they are about to disintegrate. Those emotions and thoughts must have filtered through our Savior as well. Thank you


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