25 March, Thursday — Exam Smarts

Mar 25 — The Annunciation of The Lord

Isaiah 7:10-14, 8:10
Hebrews 10:4-10
Luke 1:26-38

‘I will not put the Lord to the test.’

Assessments, rankings, evaluations, audits, reviews, examinations; our lives are an endless cycle of tests and benchmarking to ensure our professional relevance. Good performers are rewarded with promotions and recognition, which lend to increased responsibilities and the accompanying higher levels of scrutiny.

We’ve heard the term ‘exam smart’ before, a polarising practice that turns exams into an exercise in maximising loopholes. Does being exam smart detract from the intent of the evaluation system? Or does it separate the thinkers from the geniuses?

I would say that when it comes to being Christian, it does not serve us well to game the system. Rationalizing our behaviour, looking for ways to offset and make up for our wayward actions, and creatively interpreting the Bible may assuage our consciences briefly, but such models of thinking will not give us the true inner peace that we long for.

In today’s reading, I was inspired by how resolute Ahaz was in deciding not to put the Lord to the test. He was keenly aware of how his own limitations paled in comparison to God’s power and how, unlike a new soundbar or the latest swishy restaurant that opened in town, there was no need for scrutiny.

Brothers and sisters, I hope you will remember Ahaz’s conviction whenever you feel like demanding God to prove himself to you. If you would make a purchase based on your friends’ recommendations, why not trust God since Jesus vouches for him?

(Today’s OXYGEN by Gregory Mathew)

Prayer: Help us O Lord, to always trust that you are all-knowing, and always plan what is best for our lives.

Thanksgiving: We thank you Jesus for the opportunities you give us to deepen our faith in you.


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