1 April, Thursday — God has my back!

Maundy Thursday – Mass of The Lord’s Supper

Exo 12:1-8,11-14
1 Cor 11:23-26
Jn 13:1-15

Jesus knew that the Father had put everything into his hands, and that he had come from God and was returning to God…”At the moment you do not know what I am doing, but later you will understand.

How easy it is to forget that we come from God and to Him we will return. We are in the holiest week in our Liturgical calendar; the high point, as we celebrate the love of our Father and the extent to which our Lord Jesus Christ is role modelling for us true obedience and absolute faith!

It is so easy for us to get caught up in our lives, especially when things are going well; we feel invincible and almost immortal. While it is good to be brave, courageous, and strong, I believe our Father in heaven has given us these qualities so we can fulfil our potential. However, it will be futile if we lose sight of God’s intended purpose for us.

Jesus knew exactly what his purpose was, and he walked the earth as a man on a mission, despite knowing the suffering and pain He will endure, there was never a doubt that God His Father had his back! I used to think that purpose is this big ideal of what I am called to do — change the world, create a big impact at work, be a missionary in some obscure part of the world etc. But today’s reflection brings home the importance of living my purpose on earth in baby steps. A day at a time, moment by moment living out the purpose God intended for me. Through a simple act of washing the feet of his disciples, Jesus taught us the importance of humble, obedient service. I will never know what God’s plan is for me — the greater purpose of my existence is yet to be revealed. I may not know in this very moment why I have these crosses to bear, why I am struggling, why I have these challenges in life; but more than 2000 years ago, God showed us He has triumphed over death! The Father has put everything into our hands, we have a choice; a choice to live out our purpose in humble, obedient service every waking moment, in every word we say, in every action we take. For I know my Father in Heaven has my back!

(Today’s OXYGEN by Lorraine Wong)

Prayer: Lord Jesus Christ, teach to be conscious of our impact on others in the little things that we do, say and act. So we may live out God’s purpose for us in humility and simplicity.

Thanksgiving: Thank you Lord Jesus, for loving us and showing us the way home to our Father.


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