3 April, Saturday — Speak Lord, Your Servant is listening

Holy Saturday — Fifth Reading

Is 55:1-11
Is 12:2-3,4,5-6

“listen, and your soul may live.” 

This line stood out for me. It is as if God is telling us to listen to him so that we may live (a purposeful life). A lot of the time, we probably don’t even know when God is actually trying to speak to us. The most obvious and direct is of course through the priest’s homilies. Yet this is the part where most people start to feel sleepy. I have a friend who starts to nod off the moment the homily begins. We may also often find ourselves distracted with thoughts of what to eat, what to do after mass, etc. To be honest, before my encounter with Christ, attending mass was just a routine, and I found some homilies rather boring (depending on which priest was giving the sermon). I believe this is also why I hear some people will follow their favourite priest to whichever church they move to. But ever since I had a relationship with Jesus, everything has come alive. The mass has since become much more meaningful for me, and I am able to sit through any homily given by any priest because it’s not so much about the priest, but more about the message from God (even if the priest sounds dull). I feel truly sorry for those who fall asleep during homilies because they are really missing the point. That’s like shutting God out while He’s talking to us.

I know that God can also speak to us through friends, the things we read, and even in nature (no words, just his presence). I have learnt that when God speaks, it doesn’t always have to come in words or in scripture, it can just be a sense of calm or peace; and that’s His assurance to me of His presence. We just need to be open and allow God to speak to us in various ways, at any time. Don’t be too quick to make judgments or to shut others out, because we never know who God sends to tell us something. It may be a colleague, an old friend, or even a neighbour.

(Today’s OXYGEN by Cynthia Chew)

Prayer: Dear heavenly Father, open our ears so that we may hear you everyday. Speak Lord, for your servants are listening.    

Thanksgiving: We don’t know how much you care for us and how much you want a share in our lives. So thank you Jesus, for always trying to reach out to us. Help us to trust that you are.


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