8 May, Saturday – We Are All Chosen

Saturday of the 5th Week of Eastertide

Acts 16:1-10
Jn 15:18-21

“…my choice withdrew you from the world”

Throughout my decade-long career in education and now during postgraduate studies, I have always spent a fair amount of effort charting my own path. If I set my sights on an endeavour, I will explore and assess all possible options and do tons of planning and research to prepare myself before forging ahead. I have always seen a need to be proactive to get what I want, but every now and then, opportunities simply fall onto my lap. Back in 2014, I was a schoolteacher when I was asked to be one of 4 presenters at the MOE (Ministry of Education) booth for Singapore Day in London. Singapore Day is a gathering for Singaporeans living overseas and is held in a different major city every year. Months after the event in London, friends were still asking me how I managed to land such a unique work opportunity. I told them that it was simply given to me. I had not known that such a thing existed until I was told to make the trip.

“Choose Jesus daily” is a common message we might hear from time to time if we regularly consume Christian-themed media. Indeed, for the many decisions we make on a daily basis, the underlying and also ultimate choice should always be Jesus. But what if we see ourselves as being chosen by God as His ambassadors in this world? In today’s gospel reading, Jesus says that “I chose you out of the world” (John 15:19 – RSV translation). As Jesus’ chosen ones, we are being offered a daily opportunity to know, love and serve God. It is freely given and is not something that we have worked for, but we are expected to take responsibility and do work after we have accepted the opportunity. We work both for and against the world. For the world, to bring people to Christ, and against the world, to prevail amidst the tides of worldly ‘wisdom’ that constantly challenge the integrity of church teachings.

Looking back on all the precious opportunities I have been given that were beyond my imagination (and I have a pretty rich imagination, especially in terms of what I would like to achieve), I am filled with so much gratitude. I think that if I can better welcome Jesus and His graces as a gift rather than something I have to strive towards, there could be a significant change in my relationship with God and my attitude towards this gift, which is also my mission.

(Today’s OXYGEN by Edith Koh)

Prayer: We pray that we will not fear the hatred and persecution from the world as a follower and disciple of Christ. We also pray that we can better embrace the gift of faith from God.

Thanksgiving: We give thanks to God for choosing us as His servants on earth.


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