28 July, Wednesday — Hidden Treasure

Wednesday of Week 17 in Ordinary Time

Exo 34:29-35
Mt 13:44-46

“…the kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field which someone has found; he hides it again, goes off happy, sells everything he owns and buys the field.”

Here’s an interesting parable that Jesus taught about the kingdom of Heaven. Why would Jesus reference the Kingdom of Heaven as a hidden treasure? In His ministry, He has been teaching and preaching about our Heavenly Father and His Kingdom. It is certainly no secret, Jesus made sure of that.

Upon reflecting on this parable, the Kingdom of Heaven is indeed a hidden treasure, particularly in this day and age. Picture this if you will — you walk along in this journey called life, you come across a field so full of life and life’s distractions. There are towering trees, wildflowers in bloom, birds singing and butterflies and bees flying here and there. You are so busy taking in all the sights and sounds when you see something shiny sticking out of the ground. At first glance, it is nothing but a tarnished piece of metal. Most of the time, you would probably walk right past it. But your curiosity gets the better of you, you dig it up and find that it is a chalice made from precious metal, something that is priceless.

Now think of the Kingdom of Heaven in these terms. In our daily life, we are so busy and distracted by all the sights and sounds, relationships and responsibilities. We are so consumed with our own agendas, and we forget to live our true purpose as children of God, to aim for Heaven as our eternal home. Most of us think that Heaven is so far away from us, we give that little thought. Occasionally, the Spirit moves us and we pray earnestly. In these precise moments, we discover the peace, the tranquility that comes into our hearts and minds. In our worship and communion with God, we get a taste of what Heaven is like. The amazing peace and tranquility that fills our whole being, when we want nothing more than being in communion with our Heavenly Father, where there is no more strife, no more fear. Even though whatever troubles or issues still exist, we maintain peace in our hearts and the confidence that God is on our side. That is what the Kingdom of Heaven will be like. Once we have a peek of the beauty and glory of God and His kingdom, all the other things in life seem less attractive or important.

There are times when I feel so anxious and overwhelmed, I go to the Adoration Chapel and just sit and pray. After a while, I can feel the anxiety leave me and a sense of peace comes over me. This peace is so precious, one that the world cannot provide. Many times, I don’t want to leave that peace behind. I don’t want to leave the Adoration Chapel. Because I have found the priceless treasure – the presence of our Lord.   

Now, when you reflect on this treasure that is hidden from our eyes, but we can glimpse with our soul, what will you do to make it yours?

(Today’s OXYGEN by Winnie Kung)

Prayer: Our most precious Lord, kindly guide us in our search for the priceless treasure of Your Kingdom, and help us not lose sight of Heaven and our communion with God as His children.

Thanksgiving: Lord, we thank you for making us worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven by Your death and resurrection.


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