13 May, Friday – Jesus, I trust in You

Friday of the 4th Week of Eastertide

Acts 13:26-33
Jn 14:1-6

Do not let your hearts be troubled

The world we live in is a chaotic one. News of doom and gloom of a magnitude never seen before are now being witnessed by generations that have grown up in relative peace and prosperity. Global conflicts as well as the COVID-19 pandemic have upended many plans for each of us. This is indeed something which has caused much disturbance in the lives of the people around us. There are often a lot of unseen struggles faced by individuals around us and we, as Christians, are called to be beacons of hope to the people around us, whose lives we impact (in varying degrees).

Inner tranquility is something which all of us desire; yet, it is often fleeting and distant. The distractions of the world often prevent us from examining the turbulence which is happening in our hearts. Jesus reassures us in today’s Gospel that we should trust in Him. Jesus offers the antidote towards quelling the troubles in our lives and this manifests itself through the inner faith we have in Jesus. Jesus wants us to follow Him and learn the importance of putting Him in the centre of all our decisions.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. By focusing our attention on Him, we begin to discover how to order our lives in a manner which is God-fearing. This is not an easy choice, but it will be a rewarding one. The Christian journey is not one filled with comfort and glory, but it is often fraught with pain and discomfort. These feelings seem contrary to what the world seeks but by relying completely on God, we gain strength to face the challenges of each day with faith and hope.

Brothers and sisters, may we continue to orientate our lives towards Jesus and walk in the way of truth and life.

(Today’s OXYGEN by Nicholas Chia)

Prayer: Heavenly Father, we pray for the courage to be obedient to your call.

Thanksgiving: We give thanks for all martyrs in the Church who have shown us how to live a life of faith.


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