13 October, Thursday – Saying ‘Yes!’

Thursday of Week 28 in Ordinary Time

Eph 1:1-10
Lk 11:47-54

He chose us in Christ

By the time you read this reflection, I would have celebrated another birthday. Six years ago, my better half threw me a huge surprise birthday party, with the help of some close friends. Quite frankly, I was happy to let the event slip by quietly. If you know me well enough, I absolutely abhor surprises and I do not like being the centre of attention. I am not the ‘fade into the background’ kind of person, but am happy to be added entertainment to a party. Not the main act. My friends told me after the fact that they were afraid that I’d throw a hissy fit over this surprise, ruining everything my loved ones had planned. But I went along with the evening’s festivities and really enjoyed myself. It was great to see a sea of familiar faces screaming ‘Surprise!’ It was like a tapestry of my life made up of family (I have a huge, extended one), old and new friends. Just looking at all of them, I was reminded about different phases of my life, where I had been, where I came from and where I am today.

So as I celebrate yet another birthday, I reflect upon my life and am amazed at where I am today. Before the world was made, he chose us….. for his own kind purpose. Indeed He has chosen me. I have been asked before what my conversion story was. I responded “It was a matter of time!” I converted to the Catholic faith nearly thirty years ago, with the blessing of my parents. Unlike some of you who have amazing ‘hit you square in the eye’-type of conversion stories, mine is slow, gingerly but definite. And because our Lord knows I do not like huge surprises, He has been kind with me as well. Slowly and gently coaxing me along into a life that (I think) He has chosen for me.

When I celebrated my then milestone birthday all those years ago, I had quite definite ideas and plans about my goals and where my life would lead. Today, I have no idea where my life is leading me, except I trust that our Lord already has it all mapped out. Yeah, I freak out time and again wondering what on earth am I to do – and He continues to surprise me with events that unfold, projects he decrees and people that I meet. Is it anything I had envisioned my life to be all those years ago? Certainly not! Not by any measure of the imagination. Then again, what we imagine is but a small scene of a larger feature film; the vastness of what God sees and plans. Do I like what I am experiencing? Nope. I hate surprises, remember? God may have chosen us, but we also need to co-operate in His plans. He needs us to say ‘Yes!’ And that one single decision could change everything and set you on an amazing adventure you never dreamed possible.

That ‘Yes’ is actually the perfect path for God’s plan for your life. Just like my surprise birthday party – I simply let go of my natural tendency to control; and what an amazing time I had! Will you say ‘Yes; to God’s plan? He has chosen you, my brothers and sisters.

(Today’s OXYGEN by Geraldine Nah)

Prayer: Teach us Lord, to be obedient to your will. To be silent and to heed your call. For you have chosen us to be your sons and daughters. Give us the courage to take that very first step and allow you to work in our lives.

Thanksgiving: Thank you Lord for choosing us – to be holy and spotless. For your spiritual gifts. For working your perfect plan in our lives the moment we said ‘Yes!’. For taking us on this amazing life journey and giving us this perfect opportunity to be and to show love to our fellow brothers and sisters.


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