29 November, Tuesday – The peace that is to come

Tuesday of the 1st Week of Advent

Is 11:1-10
Lk 10:21-24

They do no hurt, no harm on all my holy mountain

Today’s readings paint a familiar and desired picture to us all, the wolf laying down with the lamb, the calf with the young lion. Holy Peace. How often in the world today do we hear of peace, from world leaders to politicians to those in business to those in our work places and neighborhoods…and yet, we hear the words but don’t see the results. We all say we want peace, and yet it seems we seldom sacrifice and work toward peace. We seem to be helpless in achieving peace. Perhaps because we don’t recognise WHO peace is.


Recognise Christ all around you – recognise those who are longing to FILL the void, and share what you have. Recognise your opportunity to share by doing, leading, talking, listening every day.

We are called to SHARE, not to argue, not to ‘convince’, not to ‘save’. We are to SHARE and let the HOLY SPIRIT do the rest. 

So, as you PREPARE, take the time (make the time), to pay attention so that you will RECOGNISE where the Holy Spirit is working and where you are beckoned to be the tool….

Invite them. Just invite……

Listen to your heart — it might be recognising a need in another that you don’t ‘see’.

RECOGNISE the opportunity all around you — so many walking next to you need and WANT what we have, but they don’t know what we have because we haven’t shared – they see our joy, whether it be quiet or loud joy, and they wonder…and if we don’t invite…share a word or two they will wander and may be lost forever. As a Catholic, it truly is our duty to recognise where the Holy Spirit is working and to make ourselves available to be used in any way for the Kingdom of God!

And the E in PREPARE is:


Ahhhh, enjoy this time. Enjoy it through the eyes of children, through the eyes of the aged, through the eyes of all those you love. Enjoy it through the eyes of a follower of Christ. Enjoy and be IN JOY this season. When you prepare, how can you not be?

Pray without ceasing

Live the Reason for the season

Love, Forgive and be Merciful with Everyone


Stay calm and have peace about Altering plans so that you can stand in peace at the Altar

Recognise the need, the desire in those around you for Christ

And Enjoy — be IN JOY in HIM

(Today’s Oxygen by Gina Ulicny)

Prayer: Father, we come to you with arms reaching up to You, asking for your love so that we will reach out to all others. We ask you to give us eyes and ears that recognise those around us in need of what we can give to them. We ask you to instil in us a need to be better brothers and sisters in Christ.

Thanksgiving: Father God, we thank you! We praise your name! We sit in complete awe in this season that draws us in and envelops us with love so pure that a baby came to save us all. We thank you for Your Holiness that shines on us and warms us with the light of the path You have for us to walk.

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