11 April, Saturday – (3rd reading) Tools of the Trade

3rd reading for Easter Vigil

Exo 14:15-15:1
Exodus 15

The Lord is a warrior! ‘The Lord’ is his name.

Slippery socks in shifty shoes, buggy software, loose strings, and bent spatulas. Niggling things that get in the way of what we set out to do. When equipment fails and the tools that we trust let us down, nothing gets done. We feel discouraged, bemoan wasted opportunities and at worst, blame ourselves.

A pair of boots I owned was not giving me the stability that I needed on my snowboard. I tightened the laces, wore thicker socks, and strapped on my bindings as tightly as possible. But yet, my foot kept moving around. I was about to buy a different, stiffer pair but that’s when ingenuity struck. Taping a few pieces of foam around my heel locked my foot in place, and made all the difference.

Sometimes we can’t choose our gear; we have to play the hand that we’re dealt. But on most occasions, we do have more control than we think. Control to gear-up and face challenges head on. Control to make wise choices about the tools we use and the people on our team.

Just as Jesus picked his disciples, how David wielded his catapult, and how Christians grow in the word of God, we have to discern what best serves us in our struggle to live beautiful and bountiful lives. We can pray, go for adoration, speak to wise friends, or trust our conscience. We will do and choose what works best, in pursuit of the greater glory of God.

(Today’s Oxygen by Anonymous)

Prayer: We ask for God to give us signs and symbols to light our paths.

Thanksgiving: Thank you Jesus, for never forsaking us and for your perfect timing in all our life circumstances.

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