15 April, Wednesday – The Road to Emmaus

Acts 3: 1-10
Lk 24: 13-35

Were not our hearts burning within us while he spoke to us on the way and opened the Scriptures to us?”

The past few weeks have been extremely difficult for me, as the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus forced the diocese to shutter its churches and cancel physical masses in favour of online mass. As if the virus was not distressing enough, we suddenly found ourselves cut off from our church communities and prayer groups. The situation was made worse last week, when Singapore officially closed its schools and workplaces, plunging the city into a de-facto shutdown.

Yet amidst the uncertainty and isolation, it has also become clear to me that it is only God who can pull us out of this mess that we’re in. As the first reading recounts, Peter had neither silver nor gold for the crippled man. But what he offered to the man was far more precious — faith and healing in our Lord’s name. In the same way, no amount of money or resources can stop the virus from spreading or alleviate the pain and suffering that comes with infection (or even isolation).

In this time of shutdown and isolation, we are called to embark on an inward journey with our Lord. To make our personal pilgrimages to Emmaus. And just like in the Gospel, it doesn’t matter where Emmaus is or what it has in store for us. Rather, and clichéd as it may sound, it is the journey that matters. Are we able to recognise Christ in our fellow travellers, and to offer Him shelter when night falls? Can our hearts, already burdened by all that is happening, continue to burn within us?

It can, and it must. We must continue to bear the torch of Christ and fill our hearts with His love. And with our hearts burning, go out and set the world on fire with His love. We may not be able to meet physically, but a phone call or a text, or a box of cookies delivered to a doorstep, can do wonders in a world that is increasingly isolated. And perhaps most importantly, we must keep praying for each other. And hopefully, we can make it to the end of this journey and invite the Lord to stay with us. Even for a little while.

(Today’s Oxygen by Jacob Woo)

Prayer: Dear Lord, we know that You are the light at the end of this tunnel. Please continue to sustain us, and also allow us to join our suffering to Yours.  

Thanksgiving: We are thankful for this life that we are given, and the communities that continue to sustain us. May we continue to give life to others in these difficult times.

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