22 April, Wednesday – Physical versus Spiritual Captivity

Acts 5:17-26
John 3:16-21

“Go… and tell the people all about this new Life.”

Amidst this COVID-19 pandemic, the world has been forced into darkness. Fears and anxieties loom across all nations. Countries have closed their borders, economies brought to a standstill and citizens forced to stay home. As I sit down to write today’s reflection, our country announced the highest number of infections yet, in a single day! Many of us, trapped in our own homes, are experiencing a sense of helplessness and uncertainty about the future.

Paradoxically, this doom and gloom is taking place in the most holy season of our liturgical calendar — Easter, a time where we are reminded of Christ’s triumph over death…over darkness. Easter Vigil is my favourite mass, where we sit in darkness and silence waiting for the ‘resurrected Christ’ in the form of the lighted paschal candle! That one candle symbolizes love, signifies hope, and restores humanity. In darkness, we appreciate the light; in darkness we become the light!

Today’s readings and gospel text remind me that we have a choice and we can choose our actions in the face of adversity. Sure, we cannot always control life circumstances, certainly not during this pandemic, but we are in control of our actions. Like the apostles who chose to stand in the square preaching the good news with gusto, right after they were released, instead of going into hiding for fear of being captured again. It’s all down to us and the choices we make! More than ever, as Christians, we are called to shine brightly in our faith, in our words and in our actions, so that we can be the light in this time of darkness. So, as we remain in physical ‘captivity’, let our spirit free as we welcome the light of Christ into our homes and into our hearts. In turn, let us be torch bearers of the light of Christ to others. For He has conquered darkness and in Him we find truth and power!

(Today’s Oxygen by Lorraine Wong)

Prayer : O Lord my God, you came to show us the way. In the season of Easter, we want to celebrate your victory over death. Teach us too, to celebrate the little victories in our lives; to look for the moment of new beginnings around us despite the fears and anxieties that surround us, and may we, in our small ways, be the light of Christ to others, bringing hope, compassion in these times of uncertainty.

Thanksgiving : Our Father, thank you for your gift of Jesus to be our Lord and Saviour, who conquered darkness and showed us the path back to you.

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