27 April, Monday – True Discipleship

Acts 6:8-15
Jn 6:22-29

“…work for food that endures to eternal life…”

I have been crazy about watching television programmes and movies since I was a young child. I also enjoy reading stories about the journeys that people take to learn about themselves.

I was grateful, therefore, when I learned that in many of these stories and movies, the main protagonist goes through ‘The Hero’s Journey’. This journey can take on many forms.  In one such variation, the hero starts from a position where he is in pursuit of superficial goals, often living a life that is well within his comfort zone. His motivation is to draw as much pleasure from his life as possible.

This desire results in our hero making bad choices — pursuing things that will give the quickest shot of pleasure.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus talks about people following Him only because they wish to to eat their fill (when Jesus fed the five thousand). We have all met people like these (people whom we unkindly think as ‘sucking up’, or ‘leeching’ from others), or we may be guilty of sharing similar philosophies.

I was once asked if I would continue to believe in God if I had a hard life, and if nothing right came my way. This question stopped me in my tracks, and I reflected about this. I answered “yes”.  In the last five years, I experienced a relatively ‘hard life’ — I had left my job and worked on my own. I found it tough, and found myself experiencing depression.

Yet, it was this challenging period that helped me get closer to God. It was a struggle, but with every twist and turn in my life, God revealed Himself in different situations. In essence, the tough period was my personal hero’s journey.

May we all be tuned in to God’s role in our lives, trusting in Him to lead us to eternal life, not just life here on earth.

(Today’s OXYGEN by Paul Wee)

Prayer: Lord, we pray that You will journey with us every day. Help us to continue to turn to You, not just for bread, but for food that will last us for all eternity.

Thanksgiving: Thank You Jesus, for showing us what is important, for being with us in our own hero’s journey.

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