4 May, Monday — Via Media

Monday of the 4th Week of Eastertide

Acts 11: 1-18
John 10:11-18

This account satisfied them, and they gave glory to God. ‘God’ they said ‘can evidently grant even the pagans the repentance that leads to life.’

Peter entered the house of Cornelius and baptised the entire household, welcoming the first few Gentiles into the church. This led to the commotion back in Jerusalem upon hearing of this episode, which amazed the other disciples that the Holy Spirit was available even to the Gentiles.

In July 2012, I decided to give up meat as a remembrance of my father, who suffered a 3-year battle with colorectal cancer (despite being an avid marathon runner, he had an overindulgent love for ham and sausages) and passed away. However, upon his diagnosis, he had a radical change of heart, returned to the church and was baptised with the Holy Spirit. I recall some friends citing this passage to justify the ability for us to consume all forms of food, provided we asked God to bless it before partaking of it and to give thanks after.

I agreed with them and used the opportunity to share my dad’s remarkable conversion story, and of how this aided me to develop the virtue of temperance. After five years, I better understood what ‘Via media’ meant and resumed my meat intake, in a balanced and measured way.

This Easter, we have since renewed our baptismal vows together at home, while watching the online Mass. Brothers and sisters, how can we be the salt and light of this gloomy world and bring a smile to the stranger in our neighbourhoods? How will we let them know we are praying for them?

(Today’s OXYGEN by Christian Eber )

Prayer: Dear Father in heaven, may we be faithful in the call to bring the gospel to the ends of the world and as Jesus has shown us as the Good Shepherd.

Thanksgiving: We bless your name Jesus, and thank you for all the fellowship we can experience today with the help of technology and overcome the challenges of the extended ‘Circuit Breaker’.

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