5 May, Tuesday — Of God or Of The World

Tuesday of the 4th Week of Eastertide

Acts 11:19-26
Jn 10:22-30

“I know them and they follow me… they will never be lost and no one will ever steal them from me.”

Just like the Jews who asked Jesus for confirmation that He is indeed the Messiah, I have found myself seeking answers from God, as if knowing the reason for the circumstances in my life will allow me to better understand His plan and be a more willing co-operator.    

Jesus’ rebuke is humbling, and a timely reminder that He is the Good Shepherd and we are his sheep. Time and again, I find myself being swept along, preoccupied with what the world thinks of me and, indirectly, allowing the world define who I am. Recently, I was tasked to be one of the co-leads in setting up one of the facilities for persons awaiting their COVID-19 swab results. It was a mammoth task outside of my comfort zone, compounded by the short timeline and limited experience in this nature of work. Part of me, out of pride, wanted to ‘fake it until I make it’. 

After praying for wisdom, I decided to seek guidance from the other team leads and my colleagues. It was humbling to tell my team members that, like them, I was new to this task, and sought their patience and understanding. The other leads graciously mentored me, my colleagues generously stepped in to help, and team members adapted quickly to changes which cropped up along the way. My family and fiancé were my bedrock of support. He set in my path kind and generous people who went out of their way to help. By God’s grace, the facility was operational less than a week after we received instructions to set up. It is truly a testimony of God’s omnipresence and providence.      

As I pen this reflection, I am reminded that God loves us faithfully and unconditionally, in spite of our imperfections and failures. Neither praise nor criticism should allow me to allow the sense of security of being one of His sheep, for we will never be lost as long as we listen to His voice.   

(Today’s OXYGEN by Stephanie Seet)

Prayer: Lord Jesus, You are the Good Shepherd, even as we find ourselves in new and unknown situations. May I always seek Your voice and heed Your words, for You have overcome the world. 

Thanksgiving: Thank You for Your divine providence and promise of eternal life for those who trust in You.  


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