12 June, Friday — Breath of God

Friday of Week 10 in Ordinary Time

1 Kgs 19:9,11-16
Mt 5:27-32

And after the fire there came the sound of a gentle breeze

A fellow contributor once remarked about ministry, “If it is God’s work, then it should be as easy as breath.” In the context of today’s first reading, I have been wondering over the past two months how my attitudes toward ministry work have begun to change. Coincidentally (or perhaps not), it has also occurred during a period in my career where I have consciously moved toward a more mentoring role, advising others who are struggling and in need of some guidance.

I don’t claim to have answers to everything, particularly not when it comes to God’s work in a vineyard that’s strewn with all sorts of ‘vintages’ (i.e. characters/leaders/elders), where the winds blow hot and cold, and you have to just adapt to the environment in order to not get too wounded by whatever comes your way. I just am in more than one boat now, and the waters seem rather calm. But as I write this, our diocese has announced that private prayer services can finally resume for families of 5 people. With proper safe distancing protocols in place of course, adhering to all government regulations.

While we grapple with the operational concerns of reopening, I have found myself drawn to projects where I am asked to help bring people together. People with diverse talents and opinions, who may not have technical know-how to send in recordings, for example. I find joy in helping others learn something new and hearing them utter, “Oh, I didn’t know it would be so easy.”

We recently finished a project for our centre and it was a joy to watch the fruits of our labour online. What had seemed an almost insurmountable task turned out pretty well, by our reckoning, and what moved me was how we all came together as one and contributed in our own ways, big or small. And it was always God’s love, and our love for Him, that made the project so easy in the end.

Brothers and sisters, God will never abandon us, as long as we move in His love. He is always there for us and waits patiently for us to respond when He calls. As we move out of our ‘lockdowns’ at home, let us appreciate how easy it was for us to respond when He called during the time we were incarcerated with our families. Let us look back and reflect on the deep conversations we had as family, as ministry, as His children.

(Today’s OXYGEN by Desmond Soon)

Prayer: Dear Lord, we ask for your kindness and mercy to always fill us as we discern the plans you have for each and every one of us.

Thanksgiving: Abba Father, thank you for all the situations you create for us to manifest your love to others.


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