20 June, Saturday — Lost but Found

Saturday of Week 11 in Ordinary Time

2 Chr 24:17-25
Lk 2:41-51

And all who heard him were astounded”

The gospel readings today depict what is essentially a nightmare scenario for any parent — a missing child. Certainly, all parents will know that sinking feeling that they get when they turn around and realise that their child is missing. And that deep sense of relief when they find him or her just around the corner, perhaps playing among the shelves in the supermarket, or distracted by some toys in a shop display.

This was exactly what happened to me during one grocery run. My son disappeared while I was shopping for fruits. That same feeling of panic emerged again, and I quickly went to look for him. I found him in the children’s food section, looking at the food pouches with a serious look on his face. When I walked up next to him, he just told me that he wanted the banana-flavoured food pouch.

Like Jesus in the temple, my son knew what he was doing. He wasn’t lost or did not become distracted and hence lost track of me. Instead, he had simply gone to look at the food that he likes to eat.

This is not to say that children do not experience fear or panic when they are lost. I remember such episodes when I was a child myself, feeling extremely frightened when I lost track of my parents. Yet when I found them, I felt such a deep sense of security. Looking back, I realise that when I find God today, it is the same sense of security that I feel.

The only difference is that being adults, we often do not realise that we are lost. Or we are often too proud to admit it. But when we find Him again, that same feeling of relief and security comes flooding over us again. Whether as parents, or as wayward children (and often, we are both), let us pray that we will, like Jesus at the end of this gospel passage, continue to be obedient to our heavenly Father when He finally finds us.

(Today’s Oxygen by Jacob Woo)

Prayer: Lord, we pray for the wisdom to continue seeking You out, and the fortitude to remain obedient to You.  

Thanksgiving: Lord, we thank You for your unwavering love and for Your continued desire to seek us out, especially when we are lost. 

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