17 July, Friday — Silence versus signs from God

Friday of Week 15 in Ordinary Time

Isa 38:1-6,7-8,21-2
Mt 12:1-8  

“Here…is the sign from the Lord that he will do what he has said.”

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused many of us to lose our jobs, and new graduands have a hard time entering into the labour market, due to widespread economic difficulties. I have not graduated yet as I am about to begin my final year at my university. However, I have been worried about where God wants me to work at or go in my life. My physical challenges are already enough to worry about. I am concerned whether by the time I graduate, I would have been able to find a secure job by then. The competition in the market is very tough, and, despite having many different areas of interest in the major that I am studying in, I am not sure whether I can find a job in those areas. Time is running out for me.

As I was looking for a job before the circuit breaker measures forced me to stop my job-hunting process, I remembered feeling really anxious. Stressful nights were inevitable as I prepared myself for interview after interview. I wish that God would give me a sign as to whether I am applying for a job correctly, and whether this is the correct path on which I can bring Him glory.

As I read today’s first reading, I realized that sometimes, God does not give us a sign as a response to our prayers. I remember my cell group meeting last week with some members from my university Catholic group, and we were discussing about the topic of patience. After sharing our personal experiences on what were our major areas of life which require patience, and what we can do to fortify our virtue of patience, our group leader said something which struck close to home. She said that sometimes, God does not give us signs so that we can build up our patience. Her response was really apt to the situation that I was facing.

Of course, it is wonderful if we can receive many small signs from our Lord. Just as I am writing this reflection, so many doors of wonderful opportunities have been opening up for me to build up my portfolio in one area of interest of my major. I appreciate these signs from the Lord, and I am willing to do my best to not put our Lord’s efforts in helping me to waste.

(Today’s Oxygen by Brenda Khoo)

Prayer: Dear Lord, please help us to strengthen our virtue of patience and to look out for the signs that You may have provided for us along the way in life.

Thanksgiving: Heavenly Father, thank You for giving us signs in life to signpost where we are heading towards in this journey through life. Amen.


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