6 August, Thursday — Small Victories

Aug 6 – Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord

Today, we celebrate the occasion on which Christ revealed Himself in shining splendour to Peter, James, and John. Moses and Elijah were present, and are taken to signify the Law and the Prophets. They testify to Jesus as the promised Messiah. God the Father also proclaimed him as such, saying, “This is my Beloved Son. Listen to him.” For a moment, the veil is drawn aside, and men still on earth are permitted a glimpse of the heavenly reality, the glory of the Eternal Triune God.


Dan 7:9-10,13-14
Mt 17:1-9

There in their presence he was transfigured: his face shone like the sun and his clothes became as white as the light.

The Transfiguration of Jesus surely caught the apostles by surprise. Jesus’ appearance changed and he became glorious. The Catechism of the Catholic Church explains that Christ’s Transfiguration aims at strengthening the apostles’ faith in anticipation of his Passion: the ascent onto the ‘high mountain’ prepares for the ascent to Calvary. Christ, Head of the Church, manifests what his Body contains and radiates in the sacraments: ‘the hope of glory’.

Only three disciples were given the privilege of having a spiritual experience that was meant to strengthen their faith for the challenges they would later endure. This was only a temporary event and, after the initial shock and awe had faded, the disciples were left to rely on their memory and faith to motivate their difficult mission.

These ‘small victories’ are crucial in our faith journey and in life. Tasks and goals can seem insurmountable if we are not convinced about why they need to be done. Just as we nourish ourselves through rest, reflection, attending masses and spending time in community, we also need to take stock of our progress through being attentive to the signs Jesus gives us.

In the absence of dramatic manifestations of God in our lives, we need to be more attuned to the mini-Transfiguration experiences that happen all around us. Examples of these could be receiving a word of knowledge from a friend, having something positive happen to you that seems like more than just a stroke of good luck, or experiencing feelings of joy and peace even in these unprecedented times.

Brothers and sisters, inspired and empowered by God, may we in our own special way inspire and motivate others just as Jesus did during his Transfiguration.

(Today’s Oxygen by Gregory Mathew)

Prayer:  Help us O Lord, to be more sensitive to your mercies and power all around us.

Thanksgiving:  We thank you Jesus, for always being in our midst. We give thanks for your selfless love that heals and comforts our restless hearts.


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