25 September, Friday — A small step of evangelization, a big leap of glorifying God

Friday of Week 25 in Ordinary Time

Ecc 3:1-11
Lk 9:18-22

“You are the Christ of God!”

I was having a meal last week with my non-Catholic friend, and I was hesitant on whether I should say grace before we began eating. There was a momentary mental struggle there, but I decided not to do it eventually. Firstly, I felt that I was not ready for her possible questions on my faith and secondly, I did not want to ‘show off’ to the world that I was a Catholic. However, I instantly regretted not glorifying and thanking God for the meal after I took my first bite.

When I read today’s Gospel, I was surprised at how bold Peter was to proclaim to Jesus that He is the Christ of God. It might have been slightly easier for him to speak up, since he was with his fellow Jewish brothers; but we should note that Jesus’s disciples were actually not 100% certain whether Jesus was the Messiah. Even Peter may have had some doubts about Jesus’s true identity. But when Peter spoke up, the disciple’s lingering doubts instantly vanished. From then on, the disciples knew with 100% certainty that Jesus was indeed the Messiah, the Christ of God.

I wish that like Peter, I was so courageous and loyal to Jesus. I realize that it does not matter to our Lord that I am not a Catholic theologian nor an apologist. But what matters to Jesus are my faith in Him, my loyalty to Him and, most importantly, my love for Him. I can shine His light to others through my actions and words to glorify Him. “No one lights a lamp and puts it under the basket”. I should focus on doing what is right in God’s eyes, instead of wondering what people would think of me. It’s definitely easier said than done, but I hope that God would grant me the grace of courage to eventually evangelize, through small starting steps of charity and kindness to others and to Him.

That being said, I now wonder if it could have been possible that had I said my grace before I ate, my friend might not have criticized me at all. Or she might have been interested to know more about my faith, and the Holy Spirit would have guided me to say the right words, despite my lack of Catholic theological knowledge.

(Today’s Oxygen by Brenda Khoo)

Prayer: Dear Lord, please help us to evangelize and make You known to others through our daily actions and words. Please give us the grace of courage to not be afraid of persecution from others; the grace of loyalty to stand by You even in times of trials and persecutions; and the grace of love for You as our Heavenly Father and Saviour. Amen.

Thanksgiving: Heavenly Father, thank You for giving Peter the boldness to proclaim You as the Christ of God, despite possibly having doubts. Thank You for allowing us to be Your instruments in evangelizing to gather Your lost sheep who are seeking to know You. Thank You for always having faith in us, even if we may have doubts about You, such that even our small actions are sufficient to shine Your light to others and glorify You. Amen.


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