18 December, Friday — Sent by God

Jer 23:5-8
Mt 1:18-24

The angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream

One time, I received a message from a friend and she told me that she had been thinking of me during her prayer. That same time, another friend called me and told me that she felt that God was telling her to journey with me in something that was supposed to happen in my life. A few months later, a major event happened in my life. It was devasting. However, because God had already prepared people to journey with me, I was able to go through that phase in my life.

What was amazing was both told me that they were inspired during their prayer. And that it wasn’t a one day prayer but over a period of days. So finally, they decided to check in on me. I was really grateful that God inspired two of my friends to journey with me.

In our lives, I’m sure there were instances where we knew some people were God-sent. Just like Joseph, perhaps an angel whispered to them. We knew then that God gave us who we needed at that point in life.

Likewise, there may have been times when we were sent by God to comfort someone, or to be there for someone. Or maybe, God has been inspiring us to post something on social media to inspire someone. Have we been attentive to God’s promptings when he is trying to send us to someone? It may not even be a big thing. Maybe it’s just about saying ‘hi’ to someone in the lift, or maybe offering an umbrella to someone caught in the rain. Or maybe buying some tissue or a key chain, or that $1.20 ice cream from the ice cream uncle.

I remember one time, when I was eating in a fast food restaurant, a peddler approached me with some key chains/purses. He was working with an organization and was earning his livelihood from what he was selling. I initially refused to buy anything but, as he approached another table, I felt moved to buy something from him. I called him back and bought something. He was so grateful that he wished God’s blessings upon me. I was so grateful to God that he gave me the grace to listen to his prompting.

Brothers and sisters, just as Jesus was sent to us, and Joseph was sent to Mother Mary, all of us are sent to someone every day. How have we responded to God’s promptings?


A few weeks ago, I dropped by a Catholic bookstore to buy a Catholic Calendar. While I did not find a calendar, I found a Japanese Nativity set. I ended up buying it because I liked it so much. I had Fr Paul Staes bless it while he served me my Manhattan cocktail at Crossings Café (yes, this is a plug, please consider visiting the Café). As he blessed it, I heard his prayer loud and clear. He prayed for blessings for whoever sees the Nativity set. Well, I live alone. So I decided to post the picture on FB and let everyone know that a priest has prayed for them. A non-Catholic Christian friend said thank you for the prayers, and another friend of mine asked me to buy another Nativity set for her. I’m sharing the picture here with you because I also want you to receive the blessing from Father Paul’s prayer.

(Today’s OXYGEN by Stephanie Villa)

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for inspiring people to help me and bless me in this life.   

Thanksgiving: Thank you Lord, for sending me to make a difference in someone’s life.

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