29 January, Friday – Enduring in Faith

Jan 29 — Friday of Week 3 in Ordinary Time

Heb 10:32-39
Mk 4:26-34

You will need endurance to do God’s will…

Life tends to throw me curve balls just when I think that things are finally settling down. In 2019, after a challenging year at work and, while planning for another eventful year, I was asked to devote more time to my ministry. I somehow felt that it was just the tip of the iceberg and that more was to come. I shared with my spiritual director that it is funny how when things appear a lot more organised and in place, I was asked to step out of the boat yet again.

I recognised that under my own strength, I would probably crumble under the weight of expectation and responsibility. So I trust that God’s hand would be there for me, holding me up and carrying me on his massive shoulders. And based on my experiences over the past years, I knew that this journey would not be smooth sailing; a certain ‘spiritual fitness’ would be required, much as one trains for a marathon, I would have to start getting fit. It would not be enough to just rely on the little I know and do in terms of my spirituality. Very presciently, my SD suggested after our last session that I made our meet ups more regular – once every 4 to 6 weeks.

After the circuit breaker was lifted a few months back, I began a new physical training regime in order to prepare for the journey ahead. I have always believed that in order to do significant things, one needs to be physically well-prepared so that we are not burdened by injuries nor illnesses. Otherwise, you already begin with a disadvantage; an unnecessary weight around yourself, literally and figuratively.

Because the crosses will come, brothers and sisters. God will place them squarely on our shoulders and we will have to endure the weight of all the responsibilities that we will have to bear. And if we have been irresponsible about our own well-being and health, if we have ignored the warning signs and the aches and pains as a result of our own over indulgence, then we only have ourselves to blame if we collapse in a fit of despair.

Yes, God will never allow us to crumble under our crosses. But it first takes a willingness to get fit and to take our daily vitamins and supplements, in the form of prayers. Whether it is the Lord’s Prayer, the Rosary, our own spontaneous prayer, even the Prayer to St Michael, we must all engage in an active prayer life. Because it is only in being active that we can improve our spiritual fitness so that we can endure the journeys ahead of us.

Brothers and sisters, how fit are you now? When is the last time you did a spiritual health check? It has been a period of reset, recharge and renew due to COVID-19 safe management policies and I pray that He calls you to spend time away with Him so that you can and rekindle your faith.

(Today’s OXYGEN by Desmond Soon)

Prayer: We ask for the grace to hear your call, Father. So that we can be renewed in our faith.

Thanksgiving: We thank you dear Lord, for calling us by name and for never abandoning us.


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