25 February, Thursday — Knocking on Heaven’s Door

Thursday of the 1st Week of Lent

Est 4:17
Mt 7:7-12

“…the one who knocks will always have the door opened to him.

There’s a verse from an old song by the 90s rock band Guns and Roses that goes:

“Mama put my guns in the ground
  I can’t shoot them anymore
  That cold black cloud is comin’ down
  Feels like I’m knockin’ on heaven’s door”

It is a catchy song that has stuck in my head for ears. The verse and chorus sometimes appear in my head, when I’m driving or when I’m out for my weekly jog. In one way or another, we are all knocking on heaven’s door.

For the faithful, we are knocking on heaven’s door with our petitions and hopes of eternal salvation. For those of us who feel lacking in our faith (and frequently, I find myself in this category), our knocks are more timid and our petitions quietly, though no less desperately, whispered through the cracks in the door.

But no matter who we are, today’s Gospel reading tells us that “knock and the door will be opened to you”. God Himself is waiting behind that door, patiently and tenderly listening to our desperate cries and petitions. Our Father’s heart surely must feel the burdens of our sins and fears.

But He continues to wait behind that door. And all we need to do is to knock. Knock hard or knock softly. It does not matter. God knows our hearts and He knows we need Him, now more than ever.

(Today’s OXYGEN by Jacob Woo)

Prayer: Lord, we continue to live in the hope of eternal life with You in Heaven.

Thanksgiving: We are thankful for our patient and ever-loving God who, in His love for us, continues grant us all we need, in this life and beyond.


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  1. What a great analogy for us. Thank you for this reflection, knocking lightly, at time banging… thank you

    P.s. That is a song that has stuck in my head since I heard Bob Dylan sing it in the 70s (had no idea Guns&Roses covered it), I even bought the 45!!!


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