25 April, Sunday — We are God’s Proxies

4th Sunday of Easter

Acts 4:8-12
1 Jn 3:1-2
Jn 10:11-18                                                                                                  

“We shall be like Him”

In the past few years, my wife and I have been blessed to be on the receiving end of many beautiful prayers, songs and music. Even within this Oxygen ministry, many of the sharings that my fellow writers contribute have been really intimate and have touched me.

One of the most common comments that I have heard by the creators is that they themselves were surprised by what they were able to create. Many of them could not believe that they were capable of creating such works. Typically, they attribute their work to that of the Holy Spirit.

I have often experienced that myself. The Oxygen team recently compiled an anthology of reflections from our past writings and, in the process, I came across a few of the ones I had written. When I came across those, I truly was surprised; I could not believe that I was capable of crafting those words together to create them. In fact, I learned from my earlier writings again, obviously forgetting the thoughts I had shared earlier.

In today’s First Reading, we see how Peter was able to lead the early church with the power of the Holy Spirit. In the Second Reading, taken from the first letter of John, we hear about how we shall see God as He really is, when it is revealed to us.

In essence, from the first two readings, we learn that everything that is good, comes from God, through the Holy Spirit. This is what the Church teaches us as well — that the spark of anything that is good, begins with God.

I have been sitting with this for quite some time, and this does make a lot of sense to me.

If we were responsible for all the good that comes from us, then we are the reason for all our achievements; God would have little or no contribution. What then, does this say about our relationship with God? What part does our faith play? Does this mean that we truly should be proud about all our personal achievements?

After reflecting on this, my conclusion is that EVERYTHING good must come from our God. Otherwise, there is no basis for our faith. It also explains how so many of us are able to do work and achieve beyond our own personal capabilities. This spark of God-given goodness drives us to want to do better, to turn to our God!

(Today’s OXYGEN by Paul Wee)

Prayer: Teach us to always place our trust in You, Father. We have confidence that You know what is best for us.

Thanksgiving: Thank You Father, for your gift of goodness and inspiration. We thank You for always blessing us.


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