29 May, Saturday — Silence is Golden

May 29 — Saturday of the 8th Week in Ordinary Time

Ecc 51:17-27
Mk 11:27-33

“Nor will I tell you my authority for acting like this.”

Why would Jesus say something like that? He is a rabbi, a teacher, a master. He loves to teach us about God and the kingdom of God, so why would He say something like that? Well, we have to look at the intention of the chief priests and the scribes. They questioned Jesus not because they are curious and want to learn. They questioned Jesus to entrap Him, to try to find fault with His answers and to shame Him. In other words, their intentions were not pure and did not warrant Jesus answering them.

Oftentimes when I pray, particularly seeking guidance, I fail to hear Jesus answer (or He remains silent to me). Upon reflecting, the silence is probably because I was not seeking in earnest, much like the chief priests or the scribes. Not that I was setting an entrapment of sorts, but I was not really interested in what He has to say. Most particularly, when I pray for guidance or for something that I really desire. I would have already made up my mind subconsciously the outcome that I wanted, whether that was in line with God’s will or not; so praying and asking was a mere formality. No wonder Jesus remains silent. I noticed that when I pray in earnest, in truly seeking His guidance and His will, even though He does not answer me immediately; when I quiet my mind and my heart, I slowly realize the right thing to do, and the right choice. 

Jesus remains silent because He wants my undivided attention and He wants me to really hear Him and His voice, not the noise that surrounds me. He is much too gentle to raise His voice, so He patiently waits until I am ready to listen. 

(Today’s OXYGEN by Winnie Kung)

Prayer: My most patient Lord, please quiet my heart and mind. Grant me the grace to seek out Your voice and hear only You amidst all the noise.

Thanksgiving: Heavenly Father, we thank you for Your patience with us, waiting for us to turn to You in every way.


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  1. Winnie — what an insightful reflection. I see myself in it. Often. Yes, so often we so want to hear a specific ‘answer/confirmation’ that we don’t hear the opposite from Christ, or he stays silent knowing we are NOT LISTENING. thank you for the simplicity in the way you shared this. I will remember and share your reflection.


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