3 August, Tuesday — Doubt is a human spirit killer

Tuesday of Week 18 in Ordinary Time

Num 12:1-13
Mat 14:22-36

Jesus put out his hand at once and held him. “Man of little faith,” he said, “why did you doubt?”

Doubt is a denting poison to character and will of determination. It is the drive of decay, diminishing the growth of goodwill and trust. Doubt removes the imbibing nature of belief and could delete the status of confidence. In truth, when in doubt, the wall of confidence is broken down. Thomas’ doubt in the bible has continued to reverberate through religious time and history, and presents the lobe of error in doubt; since then, doubt has remained a plague. It means that doubting the truth in God and His teaching through the Church is an offence that requires a penetrating act of contrition to attract the mercy of God in gaining any forgiveness. Doubt could lead to demoralization, it could attract rejection of what is valuable in the presence of God, and it could lead to diversion of a purposeful miracle from God and crush faith to abject neglect. In all, doubt prompts defilement of spirit, and is a human spirit killer.

In 1980, a young man in my town who had been involved in our local Church and parish as an altar server, informed his father of his desire to train as a priest in the Catholic Church — a process that could take 10 to 15 years in the seminary. His father gave no attention to that because he doubted his son’s ability and the discipline required, so he would only accept and believe him on the day he would witness his ordination as priest. It took the intervention of our parish priest to extract minimal support from him to enable the young man, Udoka, be admitted into the seminary. Udoka did not get the full consent of his father to train to become a priest, but his father never stopped his training in the seminary. The young man worked through time and dedication, going through his philosophy and theology studies successfully and, in August 1993, he was ordained a deacon, and billed to be ordained a priest in March, 1994. A week prior to his ordination his father, James, was admitted in to hospital for eye surgery, that kept him away for two months. Rev. Fr. Udoka, after his ordination, went to the hospital to listen to his father’s confession, administered the sacrament of penance and absolved him. James could not witness his son’s priestly ordination; it could be derailment from doubt.

(Today’s OXYGEN by Julius Otusorochukwu Dike, KSJI, JP)

Prayer: Lord, please we are seeking for your help to remove from our spirit, doubt in any form.  Remove the associated dangers of doubt and return the spirit of belief and acceptance in things pleasing to you in our life. We pray that you grant us this choice of faith, for we have reposed our trust in you. Please grant us this total need, Amen.

Thanksgiving: Dear Lord, we thank you for making it possible for us to avoid doubt. You have given us the leverage to trust in you and, in helping us to overcome doubt in things about you. We thank you for your support in making sure we are not in doubt, in remaining faithful to you. Amen.


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