17 November, Wednesday – Holy Detachment

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Detachment. She watches as her seven sons are killed in a single day, and she bears it because of her HOPE in the Lord. The beautiful words she says to her son, ‘He who created you will give you back your life and breath because you disregard yourself.” 

Detachment. This mother is able to stand and witness the torturous death of each of her seven sons – her hope in the Creator who made all that exists with nothing. She has faith that God will give them back life because of their disregarding their own life in obedience to their faith, obeying God vs a man created by God. I see Mary in her, even though she precedes the Immaculate Conception. 

Detachment. The youngest son is tempted by the king with fame, fortune and power – like Jesus will be in the mountains in the desert of Jericho, following his baptism in the Jordan by John. These seven sons and their mother are living examples of the words from our Gospel reading, ‘Well done, my good servant.’ (as well as in Mt 25:21, “well done, my good and faithful servant.’).

Our first reading is an example of detachment in the holiest and most unimaginable manner. These are real life examples for each of us to see that it is more than possible to live a life of holy detachment. Detachment to all for the sake of God alone at the center of our life. Detachment like Jesus. Detachment like Mary. Detachment like many of our Saints. Not an aloof life of uncaring or being uninvolved (as in today’s definition of the word detachment); but in the true spiritual sense of the word. Living for God, then others (with a purpose of serving God first in all things, then serving others for God) and never thinking of oneself beyond necessary needs.

In America, detachment is a lost virtue (as are many virtues). We can’t seem to detach ourselves from convenience, pleasure and fun. Our iphone or Android, our social media platforms, our TV, our news, our working out, our socializing, our eating, our shopping, our working, our holding onto all our money, our spending all our money, our sports, our image, our… fill in the blank.  To give any of this up – whatever we are attached to more than God (and is it really just one thing that we are putting in front of God?) — for 40 days (even 40 hours) is a trial very few would even dare to initiate.

Where is God in our life?

Is He the HOPE we take off the shelf in times of trouble?

            Or the HOPE that lives in our thoughts, words and action in the daily rain AND sunshine?

Is He the ANSWER when we are at church or with religious people?

            Or the ANSWER at work, play and even sleep?

The answer to that is also the answer to the question of whether or not we too will hear ‘well done my good and faithful servant.’.

(Today’s OXYGEN by Gina Ulicny)

Prayer: Father God, help us in our prayer that we will chose daily to be detached from all but You.

Thanksgiving: Thank you Father, for loving us fully, even as we choose daily to serve ourselves and not you. You are deserving of all our thoughts, words and deeds.


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